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Heavenly Money

By the Pearly Gates, an angel gave me a book
"How to get by in heaven with under ten dollars per day"
I decided to read before entering, and took a look
It was very brief and only had two things to say:
"The bad news: heaven is one endless day;
The good news: nobody uses money anyway."

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997


The kind of body we have nothing will prove
Centipedes have hundreds of legs to move,
Octopus and spiders make do with eight,
Insects find six legs ideal state;
In nature, four legged animals abound,
Humans on two legs can get around,
Most birds on one leg can go to sleep
Restful and well balanced their bodies keep;
Snakes can get around without a leg
Lowly though they are, will not beg;
In the ocean fish can simply float
Like some under water legless boat.

If you don't have one leg to stand upon
Nor any nimble limbs to stretch or run
Matters not, be yourself, play your role
And so fulfill your mortal goal.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
November 10, 1997

Taxes and Death How can I possibly relax
With IRS collecting tax?
Mental and fiscal attacks
Imposed upon people's backs.

With myself constantly race
Leaving behind not a trace
Of mischief in any place
Still not finding peace nor grace.

I could be a rector
Engineer, a doctor,
Watch every reaction
Avoid any attraction;

Yet there is no release
They shear my fleece,
The only way to find peace
Is to escape to Greece.

But even in Greece
My troubles increase,
Too many palms to grease
I return to my ailing peace.

They say that taxes and death
Are inevitable as life's breath
The only way not to pay tax
Forego income, and just relax
And the only way not to die
Avoid birth, in spirit lie.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 21, 1997

The Ant & the Bird

We look upon life as a test
This is the paradigm of the West
But in the East at their best
They linger, loiter, and rest.
A bird sitting in her nest
Grooming feathers on her breast;
If in the West, put on your vest
And like the ant fill up your chest.
Yet it's the bird who wins the test,
She eats the ant and leaves the rest.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 17, 1997

Strange Walk

I saw a lady walking, her arms in a swing
As though she was a bird flapping her wing.
This was fine because her walk was an exercise
To flap her wings and look stupid was her prize.
Her exercise gear, her clinging spandex
Gave her leave to thus her arms flex.

Later that same day, same lady I met
Properly attired, she was in a fret
That some unknown man seeming so strange
In improper walk would himself engage.
Has he no respect for propriety?
Whatever happened to sobriety?

I was amused to see the uniform we wear
Gives us leave to act with or without care;
Same person being so strange in one outfit
In another, with false piety must sit.
Whatever happened to our essence and our being?
Must we judge all things the way we are seeing?

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997

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