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Poems - Critique of Society - Group 2
On Peace


  1. Paradise

  2. Beehive

  3. Shadow & Light

  4. Pride

  5. The Ditch



Throughout history we've paid the price
Of building on earth a Paradise;
Through war, turmoil, murder and vice
We've experimented, thrown many a dice.
It's now time to heed our own advice
Creatively, of our own device
Make our earth peaceful, serene and nice,
From our mind's heaven, bring out Paradise.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
July 15, 1997


In a beehive there is but one queen,
A second queen is nowhere to be seen;
The soldier bees defend the hive with their might
Gladly give their life if needed in a fight;
The worker bees toil by day, rest by night
They build the hive and make honey, O what a sight.
Within the hive there's no justice system, no police
Automatically order is kept, so is the peace.
And what's more, every bee is happy to do
The job for which it was born and it grew.
Nature is such that there's reason for each piece
Fulfillment of that purpose brings joy and peace.

The reason why we need to have police and law
To keep order in our midst, is our own flaw,
We have stayed too far away from our bliss
Consider working at our joy, a deadly kiss,
It stems from Eden, from that primeval hiss
Tree of Knowledge we pick, Eternal Life we miss.
If we consider this world of ours a large bee hive
And busily towards our bliss work and strive,
Spontaneously we will have order and peace
Live in bliss, hatred and crime we will release.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
August 1, 1997

Shadows & Light

Relentless pursuit of gold I see
With all my might from this I flee
I see people, who are thinking they are free,
Avaricious, cunning, their eyes thus glee
They are children chasing shadows in sight
When in truth what they seek is light.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 29, 1997


It was pride
That me divide
And kept my soul
Below the tide.

In this domain
Where I remain
In deep and dark
Naked, stark
The tide is low
My soul aglow
I kill my pride
My heart shall grow.

Without fear
Listen, hear
And just trust
God is near.

And in the fog
I unplug
Sense of fear
And I cheer
I see pride
Will over-ride
My heart and soul
Left untried.

I know now
Humbly bow
To higher will
Like Buddha.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 22, 1997

The Ditch

Some people chew
While others swallow their morsels right through.

Some people laze
While others work with a frantic craze.

Some people trade
While others want everything be self-made.

Somebody plays
While others are busy in their purposeless ways.

Some go slow
While others on the fast track to nowhere go.


Work at my niche
And toil, and strive and rush until I'm rich.

And if I switch
Will I still ceaselessly complain and bitch?

I wonder which
Will get me out of my self-made ditch.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
October 13, 1997

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