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Poems - Critique of Society - Group 9
iii. Fading Sun


Sitting in the lounge I looked out
The sun immediately my eyes caught
A perfect disc shinning bright
Glowing yellow golden light
Standing still, hanging in the air
Just hovering with a gentle flare.
Some time later I looked again
The sun was lower, I felt its pain
Was pale yellow not shinning gold
It was as though he was getting old.
Moments later still lower down
He abdicated his crown
Instead of setting with a red glow
The sun was fading pale yellow.
Sinking slowly into the smog
He was drowning in a marshy bog;
The smog vanished his lower part
Acid dissolving, it melted my heart
Until the sun was there no more
Such painful sunset, never before.
This was the result of city pollution
For which we have no real solution;
Instead of natural sunsets on earth
To a new world we have given birth.
Smoky breath of the city
The fading sun us shall pity;
No matter who we accuse
In the end we stand to lose
For the sun will continue to shine
While we on earth will pay the fine
With loss of beauty and our health
Diminishing our natural wealth.
And the moral of the story
Appreciate nature's glory;
Control of our greedy urges
Slowly with nature us merges.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 8, 1997

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