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Poems - On Freedom - Group 5
Economic Freedom


  1. Slavery
  2. Haggling
  3. Retirement Savings
  4. Hard Work
  5. This Trip of Mine



We have emancipated ourselves from slavery
This the result of our ultimate bravery
Yet we confuse slavery with captivity.
Though unchained, in a sane reality
We are slaves to the law of gravity.

In olden days slaves were bound in chain
In their toil they endured so much pain
So much effort only for their master's gain
In hindsight though, it was all in vain
And nowadays we consider them insane.

Yet nowadays we strive, work, and toil
With much effort seeking results in our spoil
Our possessions we guard in golden foil
Joy unborn, our life a light out of oil
And in the end we are seeds, sown in soil.

Captivity uses thick iron chain
Spirit of slave with fear will drain;
Slavery like gravity will ingrain
Self-delusive, false freedom in our brain,
Invisible leash, we consider sane.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 31, 1997


I haggled in the bazaar
Playing this game bizarre
For a nickel or a dime
I would spend much time
My friend asked me why
With such conviction I try
To gain a nickel or three
What is it gaining me?
I told her when in Rome
Make a Roman your home
This is the way of the East
Let me experience this feast
Nickel or dime matters least
I learn the nature of the beast.
This way I understand
How their lives they command.

She said but you and me
Compassionate should be
A dollar here or there
Matters not at all where
You and I our living earn
But their lives it may turn.

First I told my friend
Compassion is just a trend
For without understanding
Compassion, a hollow ring,
Glorified puppy love
Far from heavens above;
But true understanding
Compassion will too bring.

Reflected later on
Went beyond duality
And knew thereupon
A new reality.

A wisdom that was innate
With my mind resonate
I saw haggle or give
Are just two ways to live
Same coin different side
Each will one side abide
For in reality
This is just duality
Each is a game of life
One is husband one wife.
For if life is just a dream
No matter which stream
We avoid or traverse
That path we'll curse or nurse
We can experience both
Neither of them need we loath
And thus we transcend
Both means and end.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 5, 1997

Retirement Savings

For my retirement I saved some cash
For a rainy day in my mind away stash.
Before I retired came a rainy day
Yet in my mind there was not a way
That I was willing to use my nest egg
Would be more content to go out and beg.
Then it dawned on me what was the reason
Of saving money for a rainy season;
When the rains come, use that money
Then save some more, when it is sunny.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 26, 1997

Hard Work II

All my life I slaved away
So one day I'd be free,
Finally the answer to my prayer
My life over, to death flee.

Hope of freedom is slavery
Freedom is here, now, if it ever be.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 26, 1997

This Trip of Mine

This trip of mine I now see
Unbeknownst to me set me free.

Chandeliers, curtains of lace
Kerosene lamps, walls black face
Different looks, different place
Matter not in time and space.
The experience of human race
Moving slow or fast pace
Is all the same, so embrace
Love and wisdom, divine grace.
This trip of mine I now see
Unbeknownst to me set me free.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 7, 1997

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