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Poems - On Freedom - Group 6
ii. Destiny

Destiny will turn and twist
It has a soft yet iron fist
It is a peculiar kind of beast
Sometimes we starve, sometimes we feast
Politician turns pious priest
But to me all this matters least.

Destiny seems to have its course
Some things are better some are worse
If I am riding on a horse
Or walking, I have no remorse.

In my life this I've learnt, I know
Destiny like a river shall flow
Yet I can always say no
Or with the river's flow go
I can go where waters are slow
Or where rapids make their show
I can swim in waters shallow
Or in deep waters down below
I can go downstream with flow
Or in my boat against the flow row
But still deep down I know
As time passes, as I grow
The river may turn like a bow
The rapids like a shooting arrow
The waters may be so narrow
The white bubbles brightly glow
A whirlwind on me blow
Waterfall into the air throw;
Yet in the end my destiny
The river will always reach the sea
And with this outlook I can see
My destiny I cannot flee
I can make life hard or easy
I can rest or be busy
But if I really want to be free
I should better try to be me.

I can swim against the flow
Or with the waters off I go
I can choose the waters shallow
Or dive deep down below

No matter what course I choose
No matter what technique I use
This amuse, that refuse
Or the winds of time accuse
If I row, I'd better row
If downstream, I fully go
Deep down I experience below
Higher up feel the sunshine's glow
If I turn, become a bow
And if shot, fly like arrow;

Life is a unique experience
It feels, it uses every sense
If attacked, don't get stuck on defense
For life starts now, and goes on hence
The poet said life itself will feel
And this is how our lives will heal
When I feel, I should fully feel
Else life from myself I steal
And then I'll blame destiny
For turning, twisting, robbing me.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 9, 1997

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