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Poems - Consciousness - Group 4
iii. Consciousness & Flow


Once upon a time I had a vision
Of a world full of division
Where there was a peculiar creature
Which in my dream was my teacher.
This creature told a story
Of his small world's history
Of times bygone, of ancient times
Of their frailties, weaknesses, crimes
Of a primal unconsciousness
Fearfully flowing as viciousness.

"A million days before my time
A young genius in his prime
Became conscious of his own thought
Asked himself why creatures thus fought
Why all creatures of his own kind
Would look and search till food they find;
Then gorge themselves with what they found
And laze and sleep till the next round;
But all they found were creatures small
Empty bellies like a great hall
Though furnished with articles sparse
Remained unfilled, in this big farce.

"This young genius of times past
Changed his outlook with an inspiring blast.
In his mind a new consciousness emerged
From his world scarcity was purged.
Cooperation was the solution
The empty hall's resolution
Yet this mental revolution
Could only cause evolution
If consciousness flowed from his mind
And found minds of a similar kind.
Our young friend's consciousness flowed
And to others his vision showed;
There came a shift in consciousness
Cooperation they all would bless,
From that time on, creatures in a gang
Got together, together would hang
Together would search, hunt, bash and bang
And get rid of their hunger pang.

"Thousands of days were spent thus
Cooperation without a fuss
Until another genius young
Who was courageous, big and strong
Was inspired with another thought
A glimpse, a spark that his mind caught
That in their collective operation
They needed focus and direction;
If one mind would just decide
Where to go, and where to hide
What to search, where to find
What to kill, what to bind,
Then the entire commune
From chaos would be immune.
In their midst order should prevail
Their commune would not fail.

"With this new conscious thought
Our strong friend order brought
His conscious word and demand
Became the communal command;
His consciousness, his outlook
Flowed forth. And that was all it took
To transform the gang in discord
To a tribe in complete accord.

"Thousands more days were thus spent
Strong leaders came, stayed and went
Until an elderly, wise
Observing did realize
A new order of the land
Different knowledge would demand;
Instead of hunting for prey
Constantly being on their way
In one place they could stay
If only they changed their old way.
He noticed that one plant
If nurtured, much food would grant;
If they sowed, they would reap
They could eat some, some would keep
For the time beyond harvest
If within soil, seed they invest.
His consciousness flowed in words
Which upset the prevailing Lords.
Yet when an idea's time has come
Those who resist are simply dumb.
This inspiration, powerful vision,
Made a historical revision
To make the nomadic tribe
To a new way of life subscribe.
Hunting replaced by Agriculture
Settlement replaced nomadic culture
Consciousness won't be left on the shelf
It must out picture itself.

"Everyone sowed, everyone reaped
Security forward leaped;
For leadership to exist
Knowledge replaced strong fist,
Everyone could understand
Law and order in the land
Followed cycles of natural law
Without fail and without flaw;
Until an energetic young one
Sowed more than needed, when was done
He nurtured his field with no rest
And reaped lots more at harvest,
At the same time another young one
Hit hard times, his effort was gone,
The one with plenty gave away some
To the other who for food had come,
In return he made a demand
That the other would obey his command
And help him plough and sow his field
Till next time he'd have a larger yield.
And this order had thus prevailed
Because once one the other out bailed;
So one's resources grew more and more
While the other much labor bore.
This consciousness of give and take
Once flowing, so much would rake
For one, while for the other
Would only bring toil and bother.
With passage of time, the natural course
The one who had, grew in his resource;
With this consciousness in the land
A new Lord was in command.
"Thousands of days later, to facilitate trade
A new collective decision was made
To create money, a new tool
To standardize the trading rule.
They decided that bushels can be sold
At the price of a coin of gold
And that same coin of gold
Can purchase goods untold.
This gold coin, this new standard
Worked well in times both good and hard.
Collectively they agreed
To honor this golden seed.
Money consciousness thus out-flowed
Golden glitter had thus glowed.
For history this was a new page
Had ushered in the Golden age.

"Some had come to this belief
That happiness and grief
Were two sides of the same coin
To each other they'd always join.
If happiness you want to see
From grief you must flee
Let the happy side of the coin face you
While grief was another's view.
This consciousness had no choice but
To manifest this mental rut;
Competition thus set in
To inflict pain, grief and sin
To accumulate gold and power
With others' pain build many a tower."

So I told my vision's teacher
That peculiar dream-like creature
"Though you come from a different star
You've described my world, so far
I guess no matter which place
Even creatures in outer space
Have same problems, same challenges face,
Consciousness grows at a similar pace.
What you described with such grace
Is history of the human race."

This creature, my friend peculiar
Who had come from a distant star
Continued with his story
While telling me not to worry:
"In the story I said so far
You didn't hear of tribal war
Because there was no fear, no greed
And from hatred they were all freed,
Yet each psyche continued to breed
Out-pictured its internal need.
This lesson all of us must heed
If we intend to save our seed.
Each consciousness, each mind frame
Glowing bright with its inner flame
Instead of light, its heat did turn
Against other minds, tried to burn.

"To continue with my story
Of my people's ancient glory
Those who collected gold and power
Finally came to that fateful hour
To decide to keep their wealth
Must protect against loot and stealth;
And those who lived in oppression
Deprived of their own expression,
To maintain their livelihood and health
Agreed to serve those with much wealth.
Yet a few were joining hands
And together were forming bands
Of thieves who would attack
The wealthy, to ease their own lack;
Crime and theft and stealth and loot
In this land had taken root;
All because someone power sought
At the expense of another's lot.

"So in this land in those days
There were a number of ways
To live and care for one's own
Until one's children had grown.
Let me tell more, let me show
The things that perhaps you know;
About the people's ways and lives
The things they did, and their drives:
Some honored the very ancient way
Of hunting games running astray;
Others plough, sow, harvest, reap
And at nights calmly sleep;
A few became Lords of the land
Demand, command, and reprimand;
Others serving their landlord
For a menial room and board;
Others formed criminal bands
Simply took what came in their hands,
Against whom the Lords of the land
Would gladly take a stand
To protect their power and gold
To preserve what they hold.
So regulations they'd draw
To institute into law
Then came the sheriff and his men
To oppose the criminals' den;
But you'd see now and then
Fox was put in charge of hen.

"With this kind of give and take
There was not so much at stake.
Until one day a greedy Lord
Who with his land was now bored
Decided to have much more land
Against his neighbor take a stand;
He recruited many more men
Than his neighbor would have then
Organized an army of sort
To attack his neighboring court
Ordered them to kill, rape and loot
Partake of their labor's fruit;
But with greed, there's no end
The only way out is to transcend;
So he took more and more land
Had more men under his command
Built castles with tall watch towers
To safeguard all his powers
And became the Lord of Lords
In command of ruthless hoards. "

I interrupted my teacher friend
Told him the historical trend
Of my planet was just the same
Although called by a different name.

My friend continued once more
With his historical score
The Lords too formed a band
Against this Lord took a stand.
So we had Lords in each region
Commanding armies that were legion.

"Until one man's moral voice
Decided to make a choice
Face oppression head to head
Even if he would be dead;
Fight oppression with his mind
Even if shackled, put in bind.
His moral voice like a spark
Set to dry wood in the dark
Started the bright moral flame
To shed light on this vicious game.
Yet ferocious Lords of the land
Opposed this moral stand
The fierce hands of sheriff's laws
With forceful fist and bloody claws
Stifled this moral voice
Suppressed the power of choice

"Yet once seen and understood
Though veiled inside a dark hood
Won't be un-understood or unseen
Scum is dirty, though called clean.

"The moral voice for truth's sake
And to help others awake
Like the moth going to the flame
Went to his death in truth's name,
Opposed none, none would defame
Didn't even once lay blame.
Beacon of light to weak and lame
To go with truth without shame.

"Though the flame had been put out
Its light lingered without doubt.
Subsequent Lords of later time
To carry on with their crime
Used the words of moral law
Their legal code did redraw.
Sheriffs, even at their peak
Compared to the new law were weak.
Instead of looking at the here and now
Heaven and Hell were brought in somehow;
The clergy with their pious poise
Used the sheriff of inner voice
To rule over believer's mind,
Invisible chain is the strongest bind.

"This went on for thousands of days
Fear consciousness with its hateful ways,
It seemed no one could displace
God of power with angry face.

"Till it was time for another flash,
For the old consciousness to crash;
Revival of the moral voice
Replaced the pious poise,
No longer could the pious priest
Continue with his carnal feast
In the name of Glory and God
Lift up his damning golden rod.

"The old mind frame was torn
A new consciousness was born.
Each man the truth could seek
His inner voice could speak
Without fear of the priest
That damning fearful beast.
The new order of the day
Seek beauty, truth and play.
Explore the world around
Seek knowledge that is sound
Build many a new things
With gears, belts and springs;
To ease your work build many tools
Silos, barns, stores and pools;
He who builds, also rules
Those who don't must be fools.
Monumental explosion of things
Ease of work and leisure brings.
Technology, science and art
For truth, played their part.
This was indeed a great start
But soon from the path depart,
Once this search lost its heart
The horse followed the cart.

"At First for the truth they sought
And many many glimpses they caught;
They devised ways to see
The same things, you and me,
Empirical knowledge increased
Our ways of living eased.
But soon like times of old
The living truth grew cold.
The truth consciousness gave way
To a new way to pray;
To pray on bended knees
Was the only way to please
God Almighty, awesome; but
What you prayed for mattered not.
In a very similar fashion
Follow empiricism with passion.
What this simply amounts
The method is what counts
If these techniques you use
Truths you cannot abuse.
The worship of the path
Has only brought them wrath.

"Yet this was not the end
The path would twist and bend.
Within this materialistic search
The old mind frames did lurch;
Some still wanted war
To capture lands afar,
Some priests of olden times
Loudly sounded their chimes,
Lords of power and gold
Used technologies bold
Their powers they would hold
As long as tools were sold.

"The search for truth sold out
Once more to the Lords without.
The glitter of gold and trade
It seemed would never fade;
Business seemed to take command
Over this, that, and every land,
They financed the Lords of war
To kill and maim and scar;
Patronized priests of old
Once more same stories told;
They put science in chain
To bring new kinds of pain,
Lack of money unfold
Hunger, disease and cold,
Millions hungry slept
While their mothers just wept;
While every business Lord
Gold and money stored. "

I was so sad, I cried
While my teacher, untried
My people's world described
With no cure prescribed.
I interrupted my friend
"How can we our ways amend?
What you've been telling me
Is how my world I see.
It seems we've gone very fast
And have quickly moved past
The point of no return
In our self-made Hell will burn.
Could there be any hope
Or have we tied a rope
Around our own neck
Our very own world wreck.
Our reckless pursuit of gold
Sold our souls from times of old.
Could there be any cure?
Or must we just endure?"

My vision became light
My teacher beaming bright
Breathed deeply for a while
Then with a gentle smile
Said, "slow down and pause
I say this, because
Since the times that I've said
Many nights we've put to bed.

"The reason I am in your vision
Is to overcome your world's division,
First I'll tell you the root cause
As well as the natural laws
That have brought on this state
You see in your world of late;
Then let me tell you how
We overcame our flaw
And you do what you must
With the knowledge your fathers lost
Many many centuries back
Which has led you up this track. "

Intent, with my hope restored
I listened to his every word
He continued on his tract,
"Let me first give you the fact.
The first law you must know
'Consciousness must flow!'
And as for all the rest
'Consciousness will manifest.'
Upon only these two
Hangs everything that is true.
These truths if you know
Your world will brightly glow.
Now if you understand
You can take command
Of the world in which you live
And you get what you give. "
"I think I understand
Will you lend me a helping hand?
To put to practice this law
Eradicate every worldly flaw. "

"I'll gladly give a hand
But first understand
The law is always in play
No matter what you say.
You may not be aware
But the law is always there.
To be conscious of this
Will bring peace and bliss.

"The things you see in your would are naught but a reflection
Of your consciousness and deepest thoughts put into action.
Even the largest global conflicts that come to your attention
Reflect the deepest conflicts in your mind that you dare not mention.
Also because of inter-reflection, in your world what you find
Is bound to leave some sort of mark or scar on your mind.

"But the externalized, large scale manifestation you cannot control
Yet healing your scars and controlling your mind is your role.
To consciously control your mind and take charge of what you think
Is the only way you control your environment, to the external your only link.
You can try to become an activist, convince others to change their ways
But people only see what you do, nobody listens to what anybody says.
So instead of trying to change your world or correct those around
Become aware of what you think, pull the weeds out of your mental ground.
If you bring love and light and laughter into your mind
Your outer world also with this mind frame must become aligned.
Always seek for truth, make truth your highest goal
Seeing through paths, and moving towards the light is your role.

"Let me go back to the story
To the days of my people's worry.
They brought upon themselves so much pain
Disease, hunger, war, conflict. It was insane.
Yet you can bet nobody is blind
They may not understand, but they see what they find.
Some got fed up with waiting for a savior
Instead they decided to change their own behavior,
Individuals separately took time to stop and look
At everything, the blind pursuit of gold they forsook.
They looked deep within, searching for their values
What they found was amazing, excellent news.
They realized that regardless of external circumstance
They could sever their link from the collective trance;
This brought them so much inner power and control
They connected with their inner self, with their soul.

"The good news was no matter how much conflict you face
You can resist reacting, maintain a proactive pace,
And if you manage to not get involved in this collective race,
You could keep a joyous, wise and loving inner space.

"As more individuals maintained their clarity
Others became accustomed to the novelty of this rarity.
As more lived their lives from a space of truth and joy
Others were inspired to do the same, this new way employ.
It was like a wild brush fire, as one bush was lit
Other plants caught fire, it spread bit by bit.
Better still, as one candle was burning bright
Other candles were inspired by its light
The glowing candle coming in contact with each candle would inspire
Each one to burn and give light, share its inner fire.
So the flame that was the first link in this chain
Grew into a brightly lit endless train."

Once more I interrupted to ask
"I think I understand what is my task.
I simply need to change how I think
That my ship in this ocean will not sink.
Is there anything else that I need to do?
If that is all, I can do it as well as you. "

"Thinking good thoughts is simply one aspect
Consciousness needs other things to respect.
You can control your mind to think good
But to believe is harder, not as crude.
You can speak good words that you don't mean
You can do good deeds when you are seen,
But when good words arise from your within
Good deeds your way, without thinking about sin,
Your consciousness and goodness are then one
Any kind of evil from your mind is gone.

"If you want health, be saved from all disease
You'll never think of any germs nor doctor's fees
But you will know your body itself will purge
Boosters or drugs you shall not want, you won't urge
You never think of any "what if's" or "how to's"
You won't worry by any kind of bad news.

"If you want wealth, you won't ever think of lack
Won't store riches in case of financial attack.
Look at your life and see the things you don't need
Yet you want, coming from lack, or from greed.
In your world no one worries about air
You know that as much as you need will be there;
When you can think about money just like air
About lack of money you just never care,
Then you will see ample riches will just show
Into your life all that you need will just flow;
This consciousness will then flow as wealth and riches
As though it was the work of financial witches.
"And if you want peace, be saved from every war
Any conflict, small or large, near or far
Everyone you meet, yourself with love will align
Forgive their deeds, see the being as divine.

"If you live from the highest truth that you know
Your consciousness, thought, word and deed shall out-flow."

I told my friend, "This is great. I know now
What approach I must take. But tell me how
In your world everyone lives. Is it true?
Does everyone in your world think like you?"

"Not at all. It would be a big shame
If everyone in my world thought the same.
If you and me thought just the same, then I'd know
That one of us is redundant. One must go.
In my world, everyone is one of a kind
Two people thinking the same, you won't find.
Yet each of us has advanced to such degree
That on goodness and abundance we agree.
Each one will see everyone else as divine
Purposefully living, treading a fine line.
Each individual consciousness has grown
To the extent to know the part of its own.
Collectively our consciousness is just one
Each one of us is like a piece of your sun,
We do our part by glowing warm and bright
And so the sun to your dark skies brings light.
To describe my world to you tough I find
How can you describe color to the blind?
Utopia is the label you would choose
But that's because of our different point of views.

"I think at this time, if you are wise
Your own reality you will recognize.
Your world is hostile, and that's the bad news
The good news is you can simply choose
To change your own self and your consciousness
By flowing outwards, you purge viciousness
Hunger, disease, war and lack will not last
You tell your children about times of past.
Consciousness must flow and then manifest
Through this mortal test you can bring the best."

By this time my friend, that creature divine
Was glowing as bright as noon time sunshine
So warm and gentle, bright, wise and kind
Such a one as this, where shall I find.

With one last burst of light glowing bright
His last message to me came as an insight
"I am within you, you are me, we are all of light
Do not fight yourself, believe in your might.
"Cycles of life will only show
Consciousness puts itself in flow."

When I awoke from my vision
I made a conscious decision
Transcend temporal transition
And see through every division.
Through this drastic revision
Consciousness flows from my vision.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
November 6-7, 1997

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