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June, 2001

In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing, "and God said, Let there be...." or so the story goes.

It is curious to read that God always said, "Let there be..." such and such. God never said, "Let us change" such and such, or "let us fix, improve, modify, correct, amend, rectify, adjust, remedy..." or any other synonyms.

But then again, God had the upper hand. When God was creating, there was nothing to change or modify or correct. God would always create from nothing. And after all, God was God - the ultimate Creator.

Are there any lessons that we can learn from this story of Creation?

Well, yes. If we were created in the image &/or the spirit of God, then perhaps we should also behave like God would. And when it comes to being creative, perhaps, much like God, we should start from nothing.

Perhaps it would be more effective to give up all the fixing and correcting and adjusting and modifying. Instead of starting from what we've got, and considering what is wrong with it, and how we can remedy the malady and put right what's wrong, perhaps we can start from nothing and ask ourselves this question:

If I were to create from nothing, if I were given a blank canvas, a clean slate, what would I create? And then we can start from what we want, rather than from what we don't want.

Perhaps in this way, we can align our consciousness with our mechanism and shift our focus to the wonderful potential in our life. Perhaps we can put aside fear and doubt, and empty our selves of all that interferes with the creative process.

Perhaps in this way, we can become a clearing to bring our deepest desires from the potential to the actual.

So, we may re-write the story and make it into..."In the beginning, there was nothing, and God said, Let there be... In the middle, there were a lot of things, yet man said, Let there be... And in the end, there was everything...."

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
June 2001

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