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June, 2004

The Main Issue

For a long time, I was skirting around the main issue at hand. I was avoiding it. I was distracting myself with other things. I was finding inspiration in what was irrelevant. I would even clean up my desk and surroundings before I would face the main issue I was facing.

Procrastination, it was not. Lack of understanding? It was not that either. Nor was it oversight, nor low importance on the priority ladder.

So what was it that was driving me away from the main issue? I donít know. Perhaps it was the fear of the unknown. Perhaps not knowing what consequences I would have to deal with, was simply too much. Perhaps how it would impact my life and what shape or form it would take was something that I preferred not to face. Whatever it was, it had power over me.

Then I realized that the pain was more than I was willing to handle, and so I faced the issue head on.

The funny thing is that I am nowhere near a resolution. But I already feel the energy move. Things are happening, as if they were only waiting for my intent. I donít know what shape life would take. I am still afraid of some of the consequences that I may have to face. But I also realize that I have been in uncomfortable situations before, and somehow this kind of outcome in my life is just as valid as any other.

This is definitely a time I can happily say, whatever will be, will be.

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
June 2004

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