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March, 1999


There is a native sage advice given to young men who embark on their vision quest that says, "every now and then you will come across a deep chasm. Jump! It is not as deep as it appears!"

Often in life we come to a point of having to make a choice. The choice is either staying with the certainty and limitations of the status quo, or jumping into the unknown, embracing all of its uncertainties, yet giving ourselves a chance to expand our boundaries and break free from the limits of the status quo. Of course, the downside of taking such risk is collapsing under the pressures of the unknown.

Just recently I came to a point in my life of having to make a major decision. My problem was that I was not clear about what it was that I was going for. However, I was certain that the status quo was not what I wanted. In other words, the chasm appeared in front of me, wide and deep. I could not see to the bottom of it. However, remaining atop the cliff was not a desirable option.

So I decided to listen to the sage advice and Jump. I took a leap of faith and jumped over and into the chasm. While it is somewhat unnerving, it is also freeing. It releases a lot of energy and attention. Instead of holding on to the old, one becomes creative and experimental.

As for the outcome, either one lands battered and bruised at the bottom of the chasm, or hopefully, as the sage said, it is not as deep as it appears.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 1999

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