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The Sparrow

The other day, I was sitting in my room, looking out of the window, thinking about nature and the winter, and about the challenges of my own life, when suddenly two sparrows came to my balcony. One went directly to one of my flower pots, and the other landed on the railing, joining the first after a pause and brief observation from its vantage point.

First I looked at their innocence and fragility. Sparrows are such under-rated birds. But then it occurred to me that it was the middle of winter, and we had just come through a very cold and snowy spell.

It suddenly dawned on me that by all of our usual human standards, these sparrows should have been dead from hunger and cold and the elements. So how come they are still alive?

I recalled that in the spiritual literature of the world, many references are made to having `the faith of the child'. But this goes beyond that. These were adult sparrows, responsible for their own lives and well being.

So I sat in awe, and after they left my balcony, I looked outwards over the ocean and remained still. In a silent prayer I asked to have `the faith of a Sparrow'.

`Dear God, during the winters of my life, help me have the faith of the sparrow, knowing that the renovation of the spring is not far off. Knowing that the abundance and comforts of summer will shortly follow. Knowing that the harvest of autumn will be plentiful. And knowing that with each passing cycle, my faith will grow stronger, perhaps until it is absolute, like the faith of a Sparrow.'

Shahriar Shahriari
January 1997
Vancouver Canada
Science of Mind Magazine  - January 1998- Pg. 96

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