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  1. Paradox

  2. Murder of Crows

  3. Loveless Ways

  4. Non-Judgment

  5. Bozo the Clown



On a windy, cloudy day, walking on the beach
I was the privileged observer of a natural commotion:
Though the waves came towards the shore
The winds sprayed water back to the ocean,
One was moving forward, forging ahead
The other contradicting in a backward motion.
How could this be? Is this paradox?
To have coexisting contradictory notion?

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 26, 1997

Murder of Crows

Two black birds on a park bench
Amidst beauty, away from stench
Side by side, one large one small
One sitting still, one standing tall.

In a moment, mother pecked her child
Groomed her baby, gentle and mild
Mother scratched her baby's back
Motherly love, the lice attack.

Sometime later mother found food
Instinctively child understood
Went to mother, cawing wild
Mother silently fed her child.

It's not only the swan or dove,
Even black birds tenderly love.
We, humankind, with arrogance
Judge everything's appearance;

We are unkind, everyone knows
We call murder, a flock of crows.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
July 14, 1997

Loveless Ways

It is not our loveless ways
For which our soul dearly pays,
But how lovelessness we praise.
If only our hearts upraise
We'll get through the loveless maze,
In loving pastures lovingly graze.
Loving hearts shine loving rays
Our souls get through the misty haze,
Ourselves and the world amaze.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
August 7, 1997


My friend says judge ye not
Is this his judgment, to what?
I say we judge night and day
This is our natural way
Or is it better to say
Nature's way we will sway.

Mountain lion silently lay
Judging which beast to prey
And the eagle flying high
On the games of earth and sky
Surveying, keeping an eye
Judging which must first die.

My friend says others' way
I don't understand and pray
I judge not but then say
I differ, what they may.

I say this form, a subtle
Judgment, I can tell
Stems from a lofty hell
Piously ringing a bell.

For to be non-judgmental
One should not judge at all
My way or his way
No matter what others say.

Compassion and empathy
Understand, feel, see
Why they reach the point
That they us disappoint
And why in my mind
To them I am unkind.
And if I can expand
And in their sphere land
And see things from their eye
I judge not, gently cry
And with my best I try
Guide them fly so high
And if I really see
I just let them be.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 30, 1997

Bozo the Clown

When most people think of God, I don't know why
Are fearful, timid, bashful and shy
We have perpetuated this big lie
That when we think of God, we must cry.
In the Garden of Eden, if we try
We'll see angels laughing, smiling nigh,
And even God almighty, most high
Would let a joke or two slip by.

In Eden God asked that trickster clown
To tempt us unaware, and bring us down,
It was all one big cosmic joke
That the Serpent to Eve thus spoke,
Then Eve convinced Adam with one stroke
And both from paradisic dream awoke;
And I bet the Almighty had a good laugh
To see how seriously we take all this fluff
And at the end we all go back in a puff
And eventually see the joke in this stuff.

Is it not better to laugh here and now
With our divine essence connect somehow?
I admire the wisdom of Bozo the Clown
Who smiles even through his frown.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
July 29, 1997

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