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August, 2001

Permeability of Love

What if each of us really lives inside a world that is entirely a construct of our own? That means I live inside an imaginary world that I have created - first in my imagination or consciousness, and then have projected it onto the screen of my reality. And similarly, your world is entirely a construct of your own consciousness, projected on the screen of your reality.

And what if every other individual in my world is also somehow a construct of my own imagination or consciousness? I don't mean that I have created these individuals, but somehow, with a precognition of all the various individuals who exist, I have chosen to connect with the ones who are in my world!

In other words, while I live in a world that is entirely my own, and you live in a world that is entirely yours, we somehow are aware of what goes on in each other's worlds, and have chosen to have them intersect - or more accurately permeate each other?

Why? Perhaps that is what adds an element of unpredictability. Because I have the right to choose and the right to change my mind at any given moment, you don't really know what I am going to do. You only know what I have chosen at some given moments in the past.

And what about the stranger who said hello to me down the street? I have only seen him once. He passed by, and I have never seen him again? Then does that mean that we simply allowed our individual worlds to touch or perhaps kiss each other? And that was that?

And what about the millions and billions of other worlds that never ever kiss mine? Are we separate, or is it that my precognitive awareness of their reality has precluded them from my experience?

And what about when our worlds collide? What if I have let your world permeate mine considerably, and then you surprise me by making an unexpected choice, or perhaps I surprise you? Then what? Do I get angry? Upset? Indignant?

Would I be saved from this if I had no memory of the pattern of choices that you tend to make? If I was so much in the present that I could never extrapolate the data from the past to anticipate a certain range of choices from you? What if I had no expectations of what your world is or should be like?

Well... perhaps! But I also have expectations of what my world should be like and which direction it should go. And surely your unexpected choices would affect the future shape of my world.

Ahhh.... but what if I was so much in the present, and so trusting of myself in my own world, that I was confident that no matter what shape or form my world took, or no matter how it would be affected by the other worlds that have permeated mine, I would be able to look at it as an adventure and be able to live through it?

Yes... but what if instead of simply accepting such an adventure and putting up with it, I had a consciousness that could actually welcome it? What if I would take on and embrace the variety of experiences that are offered me through the unpredictability of the worlds that have permeated mine? What if that was what made me alive, and vital and joyous?

And what if through this joy, I would develop the capacity to enlarge and expand my world to allow many other worlds come in contact with and permeate it? And what if my world could become so large that it could joyously embrace every other reality that exists out there?

Isn't that what love is?

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
August 2001

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