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Message of the Month
This Month's Message
Jul Rising Above Nature 
May Awakening 
Dec Hibernation 
Nov Identity 
Oct Fear & Hope 
Sep Impasse 
Aug Mastery vs. Success 
Jul Undeserving 
Jun The Main Issue 
May The Third Option 
Apr Flight into the Light 
Mar Potential 
Feb Guided by the Heart 
Jan Unanswerable Questions 
Dec Loneliness 
Nov Forgetfulness 
Oct Real Value 
Sep Words, Words, Words 
Aug What is the Question? 
July Obstacles 
June Separation 
May Eternal Ways 
Apr The Light Side of the Shadow 
Mar The Wrong Hands 
Feb Loving Expressions 
Jan The Chosen People 
Dec Change 
Nov Wake Up Call 
Oct Receiving End 
Sep Deadlines 
Aug Original Sin 
July "In God We Trust"
June Fragile 
May Creative Intelligence 
Apr Stellar Moments 
Mar Dead Wood 
Feb The Anatomy of Love 
Jan Just Another Day 
Dec Surfing 
Nov War 
Oct Peace 
Sep Taken for Granted 
Aug Permeability of Love 
July Spot the Difference 
June In the Beginning 
May The well Never dries up 
Apr Manufacturing Dissent 
Aug Loss 
Jul Blind Leading the Blind 
Jun Control 
May Creating Destiny? Or not? 
Apr Hero 
Mar Jump! 
Feb Success 
Jan Beginnings 
Dec Silence 
Nov Ownership 
Oct Dogs, Pigeons, & Statues 
Sep Advertising sells.... or does it? 
Aug The Shepherd & the Sheep 
Jul Mission & Purpose 
Jun Joy 
May Contradiction or Paradox 
Apr Money 
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