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January, 2002

Just Another Day

The Rooster did not stir until a couple of hours after dawn. He had every right to sleep. It was New Year's day and he had been partying with the hens till the wee hours of the night....

This sounds like the beginning of a funny story. Maybe even a children's story. But we are certainly not expected to take it seriously. After all, Roosters don't have New Year's eve parties, do they?

But human beings do. We are perhaps the only species that not only recognize time, but also give it meaning. We find occasions to celebrate, to gather together, to break the routine, to justify rest and leisure etc. We have a day to start the year, a day to celebrate starting a life, a day to give thanks, a day to love, a day to recognize this and a day to recognize that. We even have Holy days and perhaps not so Holy days.

Roosters.... well, for them, it is just another day.

But we give so much meaning to time that even the phrase "just another day" may seem routine, boring and ungrateful. If we called it "it's a brand new day" then it would be more positive and hopeful and energetic. Call it "it's the first day of the rest of your life" then it becomes purposeful and cleansing. And the meanings go on and on...

Perhaps Shakespeare was wrong. Perhaps a rose does not smell as sweet by another name. So is it "just another day" today?

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
January 2002

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