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March, 2003

The Wrong Hands

In a recent United Nations Security Council debate over the fate of Iraq, I heard the argument that the weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands could threaten the security of the world.

This phrase somehow caught my attention - "The Wrong Hands". And it got me thinking about the Right Hands and what they would do with these weapons.

It is curious. What would the Right Hands do with tools whose only purpose is to inflict death indiscriminately on a large number of individuals?

Such evil instruments whose sole purpose is to kill and destroy in uncontrolled proportions and perhaps even threaten the extinction of the human species, in the Right Hands would only be dismantled.

Yet the UN debate went on, as if taking it for granted that there are Right Hands, which can and have the moral obligation to carry and handle these weapons legitimately, and then there are Wrong Hands, which should be kept away from such weapons at all costs.

Bizarre as it was, I realized that it is not a matter of Hands but a matter of Minds and perspective.

So long as there are Minds that can think of a useful and legitimate purpose for such instruments of death, there will also be Wrong Hands. Because in reality, if these weapons exit, they are in the Hands of the Wrong Minds, no matter if it is Left or Right, or Wrong.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
March 2003

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