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July, 2003


Approximately two months ago, I embarked upon a project to which I am very committed. It started wonderfully well. Everything was flowing just perfectly. Things were happening as if unseen hands were paving the way before I even got there…

And then the obstacles began. One by one, challenges have been coming up. I have experienced challenges in every front regarding this project. Financially, emotionally, technically, time, energy and resources, even support from family and friends… to the extent that a couple of my friends had suggested that I should "go with the flow" and put this on hold.

A few years ago, that is exactly what I would have done, but this time, something has been compelling me to go forward in spite of all odds.

And so, I was thinking about this change in attitude. What exactly was it that had created this dedication in me?

A few years ago, I would have said that things are supposed to happen in God’s time, and so if it requires such extraordinary effort from me, then perhaps it is not the right time. Now I say, if it is an extraordinary project, then perhaps it requires extraordinary effort.

Back then I would have said, I don’t want to force events to conform to my way of thinking and planning. Now I realize that real power is not in controlling events, but in commanding our own responses, and dedicating our efforts to what we are really committed to.

Back then I would have said, so many obstacle are life’s way of telling me this is not the right time. Now I say, these obstacles are life’s way of testing my true commitment. That life wants me to rise up to the challenge and overcome some, avoid others, and find a way around the rest. That life is getting me to become creative and imaginative. That life is testing my resolve and demanding me to get focused.

I realize that my timing may not work out as I planned and hoped it to. But life also knows that I will complete this project – with the same quality that I had dedicated myself to completing.

After all, what is life, if it is not the expression of wisdom, applied through focused energy, with the dedication of love?

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
July 2003

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