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September, 2003

Words, Words, Words…

A friend had been talking about a project lately, and how important this was to him, and how I could have helped him. And this was going on for sometime, to the extent that I was convinced that he was serious about it.

And when I started helping him with this project, the zeal had somewhat diminished, to the extent that I was the one chasing him and following up with the actions that needed to be done on a daily basis.

Later on, my wife and I were talking about it, when I mentioned to her, "real commitment is in the action". She corrected me by saying, "the expression of real commitment is in the action", yet I insisted that real commitment itself is in the action.

I was reflecting upon this, trying to come up with some resolution in my mind. After all, my name comes from the root word "Khshatra" which roughly means "dominion" and is closely linked to "action". Because dominion can only be attained through action with integrity.

Back to commitment, or more accurately, the propelling force behind commitment, namely Love. I remembered that at a particular seminar, I was told, "Love is a function of communication". In other words, the more we communicate our love, the more it is consolidated and reinforced.

That is perhaps true from a psychological point of view. The more we affirm love, the more it is believed. But from a spiritual point of view, true love is only shown through the intent and quality of our actions. It is not in how much we talk about it, nor in how much we do, but in why we do what we do, and with how much care we do it.

Action is derived from commitment. It is a bi-product and a direct result of commitment. Perhaps it is even an expression of commitment. But one thing is for sure - No action means No commitment.

A commitment with no action is simply words, words, words… empty and meaningless communication.

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
September 2003

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