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April, 2004

Flight into the Light

As I was listening to the radio this morning, a sentence caught my attention. It said, "life is nothing but a flight into the light".

How true these words rang to me. Then I asked myself how true were they?

I recalled the number of books that refer to the afterlife as a journey into and being embraced by the light. Numerous healing books such as "the hands of light" use the same analogy. Sages and seers and prophets have used the same notion to depict goodness, love, compassion and wisdom. Even in our daily lives we use such mundane terms as a "spark of creativity", or "a light went on in my head", or "do you see the light?"

What is it about light that makes it so fascinating?

Is it the fact that it delivers us from our horrors of the dark nights? Is it because it brings into the realm of the known what is unseen and unknown? Or is it because it leaves no room for our imagination to project our "darkness" out there?

Perhaps it is all of these. Yet for me, the most endearing quality of light is that by its very being, it leaves no room for darkness. It has no need to assert or announce itself. Nor does it need to prove anything. Nor does it need to qualify or justify where it shines.

It is the ultimate form of self-expressed, inner-directed, being.

Then it "dawned on me" that Flight into the Light is neither an action nor a journey. It is simply a transformation of perspective, a way of being.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
April 2004

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