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December, 2004


Winter is almost upon us, (at least in the northern hemisphere). Nature has almost completed its annual shedding of the old, and is getting ready for a rest. It is the season for hibernation. This is nature’s way of regrouping and restoring its energy, getting ready for another growth spurt.

When the renewal comes, it is the same familiar nature, but it is never the same.

Although the tree is the same old tree, the renewal brings it new leaves and branches - even a new look. Although the same flowers bloom again, it is never the same flower. This is the glory of renewal.

Yet every renewal requires a period of rest and repose, before it can begin. It is almost as if nature needs to reflect upon its possibilities and make up its mind about the ones that it prefers to choose, this time around.

And then it is time for a new emergence.

It was with these thoughts that I realized, I too need to shed the old, and take time to hibernate. I realized that I must take time to rest and reflect, and finally make room for the emergence of the new me – whatever shape and form it will take.

And it is with these thoughts that I bid you farewell for a while, and discontinue these messages indefinitely, until such time as the new me emerges.

Finally, let me thank you for the honor of giving me permission to send you these periodic reflections, and thank you for the time you spent reading them, as well as for sharing your thoughts and reflections with me.

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
December 2004

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