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April, 1998


The consciousness of money has slowly transformed itself from metallic (gold and silver) representations into different forms of notes, which over the centuries had taken the shape of IOU's, notes, checks, drafts, and other documentary representations.

Over the last thirty years however, very quickly it has taken on new forms. Forms such as plastic (credit cards), magnetic strips, electronic transactions, direct debits and direct deposits, electronic money transfers, and many such like.

It seems that our consciousness no longer needs a tangible manifestation of itself. More and more, we are moving towards intangible, non-existent and conceptual representations of various consciousnesses.

Perhaps one good examples has been in the software industry. We used to trade floppy disks (magnetic representations), which were later replaced by CD-ROM's (optical representations) and now replaced with direct downloading (electronic representation), of what amounts to nothing more than thought. It seems that we no longer need to hold a thought in our hands to believe that it exists. We are willing to accept that it can be downloaded through the wires, even though we don't see a thing.

Similarly, we are more accepting of electronic and ethereal forms of money. We no longer need to see that bill, or that check to believe that money is being deposited into our account. Simply punching in a few numbers on the ATM tells us that our account has increased by whatever amount, and we take it for granted that this is so.

This is bad news for thieves, because there is no longer anything tangible they can steal. But it is good news for intelligent individuals, because they can now become creative about ways of increasing their bank accounts. (and unfortunately that also includes illicit means such as electronic fraud.)

The trick to making money is in identifying and creating a form of consciousness that can flow (whether that is software flowing through the internet, or education, or potatoes), and then set that consciousness in motion and let it flow.   At the same time, open the channels of receiving another consciousness named money, in exchange for the consciousness that is set in motion in an outward flow.

The more this consciousness flows, the higher the chances of making money. And that is why it is important to give things free of charge (as exemplified by the software industry) in order to establish a momentum to this flow. And this takes us back to the spiritual law that states "giving is receiving".

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 1998

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