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The Great Kid

In the beginning, there was nothing, except the Great Kid.

Although the Great Kid was hovering in the timeless and space-less, being infinitely creative, extremely resourceful, and somewhat playful, the Kid had a notion.

The Great Kid thought, "what if I can devise a game that I can play? Hmmm... That's a great idea. Then I can have a lot of fun. But how do I create a game?"

"Well, that's easy," thought the Great Kid. "All I need to do is to create a system in which a game can be played. Let me think...

"First I must create the ground of being. Something like space... But if I am going to play a game, then I must make it into a process and give it a flow. And for that I must create time."

And there was space and time. Infinitely large space, because in the space-less there is no boundary. And time started flowing as if it had always been so. It makes sense, doesn't it? If there is no time, then when there is time, it could appear as though there has always been time.

The Great Kid was excited about this creation. The playground was now made. So the Kid thought, "now that I have the playground, let me create some toys to play with." And suddenly there was a burst of energy, out of which a whole Universe emerged.

The Great Kid watched his creation grow explosively, so instantly the Kid thought, "If this is going to be a real game, then we must have rules."

So the laws of the Universe were put in place. The explosive energy burst was then subjected to things such as gravity, and speed of light, and the curvature of space-time universe.

The Great Kid was amused. Particularly, watching the complexity that was emerging was quite interesting. But very soon, the Kid began to get bored. After all, the Kid had created the game and the rules of the game. So the Kid knew exactly what was going to happen next.

At this point, the Great Kid had a wonderful idea. The Kid thought, "I know. What I need to do is create some randomness. That way, things won't be as monotonous nor as predictable as they are now."

And with this thought, the first life form burst into existence. A single cell that started to recreate itself and multiply. And out of that life form, emerged a multitude of species. Each with their own uniqueness and their own instinctive behavior. But there was an amusing unpredictability about this game that was going on. Sometimes the lion would capture the antelope, yet other times the antelope would manage to escape. Sometime the seed would fall on fertile ground and grow healthy and tall, yet other times, it would fall on a rock and would have to struggle to grow its roots into the cracks, and maybe survive and maybe not.

But the Great Kid who had also created this randomness, knew every possible outcome, and so there was nothing that could happen that was not within the range of expectations of the Kid. And as such, this too began to get boring.

The Kid thought for some time, and then the next creative spark came. "That's it!" Thought the Kid. "What I need to do is create beings that are not only alive, but have my own characteristics.

"What if I create beings and infuse them with my own spirit? This way, they will be infinitely creative, extremely resourceful, and somewhat playful. Then, effectively they will be doing the creative work and so we can all watch the game and play it at the same time.

"But there is a problem. If they too, like me, know what's going on, then the game loses its fun.

"No problem. All I need to do is to make them forget that they have the same spirit as I do. That's it. If they forget, then they will have to discover it for themselves.

"Wow, I'm good. I shall create these beings that are mini versions of me, but they won't remember that they are. And then the game is for them to learn everything from zero, until they discover that outside of the game, they too are me.

"But as long as they are inside the game, then the only way they can have such a realization is through fully playing, until they understand that this is only a game. If they do, then they can have a lot of fun. And if they don't, then they miss much of the fun but they will still get to play."

And so the Great Kid created the first human beings, infused them with the infinitely creative, extremely resourceful and somewhat playful spirit that was characteristic of the Kid, and instantly made them forget everything.

And ever since then, the Kid has been having a ball. The Kid watches the human beings as they go through the games of life. The kid sees that some of them create wonderfully enjoyable games, yet others prefer a tragic game. Some prefer a drama, and others prefer an adventure. As the human beings create and go through their multitude of experiences, the Great Kid shares their joys and sorrows, their trials and triumphs, yet the Kid is always wearing a smug smile, because the Kid knows that this has all been a game. Not a game of chance, and not a game of fate. But a game that is constantly being created and played.

And every now and again, one of the human beings, rises above the game and realizes that it has always been a game. And then, that human jumps back into the game, going through the joys and sorrows, the trials and triumphs, but always wearing a knowing smile.

Whenever this happens, the Great Kid laughs and winks at that individual.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
May 18, 2001

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