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God & I

Whether God created man in his own image, or man created God in his own image, one thing is certain: man's ideal image.

Almost every spiritual belief in the world recognizes creativity as God's most predominant feature. Almost all of them claim that in the beginning there was nothing, and then God thought or said "Let there be light" or something else. And then out of that void, that nothingness, light or whatever else that God desired was created.

So if our ideal image is the God image, then we should also endeavor to create our desires out of nothing, with complete and divine indifference to circumstances. After all, what circumstance could be more challenging than to create something out of nothing?

Every cell in our body is also a conscious and thinking being. It is alive with life and thought. It also has needs and desires. Each cell needs food and oxygen, and needs to eliminate and multiply.

But somehow, every need of every cell in our body is already taken care of. Whenever it needs food, the food is readily available to it. When it needs oxygen, our blood brings it the oxygen. When it needs to eliminate waste, the circulatory and elimination systems take the waste away, thus cleaning up the environment for the cell.

Somehow, the body has figured out a way to provide for every need and desire of the cell, before it even knows it has them. And the cell has the choice to partake of the food and oxygen and grow and multiply, or not, or mutate and become sick and die, or even become hostile and cancerous.

Nevertheless, the body provides for every need of that cell, before the cell even has it.

In the same manner, we are like individual cells within our planet and universe. Our world provides for our every need, before we even have it. Yet we may choose to receive those gifts, or deny them to ourselves, or block them, or abuse them. We may become martyrs or even hostile and destructive. But that is the freedom of choice that we have.

The universe has done its job of providing for our every need and desire, before we even have them. This is what the Bible means by saying that the Father provides for our every desire before we even think of them.

The genius of the human potential movement and the New Age movement has been to recognize this divine capability, this creative ability in us. However, their failing has been the relegating of the object of desire to the individual human mind.

Much like the cell in our body has freedom to choose to fulfill its needs, we also have that same choice. However, in the case of our bodies, we have a mind which is more powerful than the mind of the individual cell. It is, in fact, the synergistic totality of every little mind within our body. It is more than all the individual minds.

The mind of the individual cell is subject to the choices of our mind. If I decide to go to the bathroom, no matter how much the individual cell may wish to go to the kitchen, or sit still, it is going to end up in the bathroom. That is because the greater mind over-rides the lesser mind, within the same system.

It is much the same in the universe. The Universal mind, God, Higher Power, or whatever other name we may wish to call it by, which is the synergistic mind of the totality of the universe, over-rides our individual mind choices. Within the general workings of the God-mind, we have the freedom to choose our behavior and responses and creations, yet there is a greater mind which determines the general flow of our lives.

We may ideally align ourselves with the general flow, or "follow our Bliss", and then we will find that the universe will deliver opportunities to us in ways that we could not even have wished for, what we call "synchronicity". Yet we have the choice to oppose this flow, block it, or fight it, and ultimately leave the general scheme through death in this physical world.

When we recognize the greater mind, the God-mind, and when we allow ourselves to follow its general direction, without fear and without attachment to how things should be or should turn out, then we follow our destiny and allow it to unfold. The paradox is following our destiny gives us most joy, and is achieved with maximum ease and least effort.

Shahriar Shahriari
November, 1996
Vancouver, Canada

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