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Poems - On God & Religion - Group 2
On Communion with the Divine


  1. Lost child
  2. A Prayer
  3. Another Prayer
  4. Morning Prayer
  5. Grape Juice


Lost Child

After searching night and day
After much toil and much pray
A mother found her lost child
Her tears much, her joy wild
A mighty sigh of relief
Thus she ended her grief.
Else she would forever seek
Till at her child have a peek.

If we are children of God
Then surely we are allowed
To be lost, and then found
Let God's arms us surround.
There's no shame in being lost
But to be found, is a must;
For God, our mother, will seek
To find us safe, although weak,
Then in her wild embrace
We will find a new place.
Union for sure is ahead
Perhaps alive, perhaps dead.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 16, 1997

A Prayer

With uplifted arms I pray
God all knowing, show me Thy way
Make me a channel of Thy light
Bring to this earth much delight
And help me strive to love like Thee
And through wisdom, other gods flee.
Break the illusion, clearly see
And try to live my destiny.
Oh God help me know forever Thee
Are close to me, with me, in me.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 16, 1997

Another Prayer

Oh God help me replace my fear
With Thy courage, intent, clear;
And replace my ignorance
With Thy wisdom, my life enhance;
And replace all my hatred
Instead make love my daily bread;
And break the illusion of time
Make my life a joyous chime;
And God help me in the end
All my frailties transcend.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 16, 1997

Morning Prayer

I have had my morning shower
And feel like a spring flower,
Clad only with a thin layer
I begin my daily prayer:
"O infinite Intelligence
Help me sharpen my every sense
Everything that's surrounding me
With every sense, feel, hear, see
Taste and smell every scent
On living life be intent.
May I be the complete me
Become what I can fully be;
May I overcome my every fear
With courage obstacles disappear;
May I dissolve my every hate
Increase my love and patiently wait
For its powers to take effect
Transform evil in every respect;
May I understand Thy Will
Toil at it with my every skill;
May I do whatever is right
Regardless of what it brings at night,
May rightness for me be its own reason
Omitting Right is worse than treason;
May I be among those men
Who renew the world and then
Sleep sound, with a clear mind
Tomorrow begin the same kind
Of day, living day by day
Relying on Thee to find the way.
Finally help me be like men
Who live for Life and Thee. Amen."

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 17, 1997

Grape Juice

I prefer white wine to red
Because the red goes to my head;
I know others who prefer white
Because it brings them much delight,
Yet some would care more for red
Drinking alone or with bread.
Bouquet or taste, one may inspire
Colour and strength, sets one afire;
Each person cares for one kind of wine
Yours may be red, and white mine,
Yet every wine is just grape juice
Fermented, aged, wine shall produce.

Each person, like their taste in win
Will bow to their own god divine;
Father and Son, the Holy Ghost
Some consider divine utmost,
Jehovah, Allah, even Shiva
Lord Krishna, Ahura Mazda.
No matter which prophet we profess
Mohammed, Moses, or Christ Jesus
Abraham, Isaac, Adam, Noah
Zarathushtra or Gautama Buddha;
Which holy books, Bible or Gita
Koran, Torah, Veda, Avesta,
They preach the same, same is their source
Though we may like a single course
We may call God by any name
Same power of same divine fame.
All of them aspects of the divine
No-one can say yours better than mine
For we all know that down the line
Same grape juice produces many a wine.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 17, 1997

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