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Poems - Inspirational - Group 6
i. Psychic Vision

I told a friend of mine about a vision I had
My friend emphatically said I'd gone mad
Better to keep my mouth shut and be glad.

My vision, persistently, Time and again
Returned home, no matter how I'd refrain
To the point of driving me crazy, insane.

Distracted myself time and again
With crazy laughter and senseless pain
In spite of all this, alert I'd remain.

My doctor calmed my stress, tranquilized,
Senseless, dazed, unaware and paralyzed
This way of life was worse, I realized.

Soon after, I met someone just by chance
Same visions came to him in every glance
But he did not run away nor distance.

I asked my new friend his secrets
How he could meet his visions without fret
And keep calm his composure, his mental set?

He said your mental anguish, inner debate
Shows you have given away your own fate
To others' idea of a sane state.

This curst vision in fact is your gift
Commune with your own mind, yourself uplift
Your mental pain will simply run adrift.

What you find is that in this psychic state
If you are patiently willing to wait
Doors open that seem divine, simply great.

Through this per chance meeting, coincidence
Of my own mental state I've made sense
My gift has flourished, from that time hence.

My vision no longer is something bad
No matter what others say, I'm not mad
My curse is now my gift, and I'm glad.

My vision other people cannot see
As it is just for me, makes sense to me
From outer standards I've set myself free.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
December 1, 1997

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