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Poems - Inspirational - Group 6
ii. Power of Positive Thinking

Napoleon said what you conceive
If you believe, you will achieve
Norman told us to be positive
Then from life, good things we'll receive.
Followed them many gurus and teachers
Psychologists, salesmen, preachers;
With the message that what we think
Can give us flight or make us sink
So if it is success that we need
Think and believe, then we'll succeed.
And if we want wealth and riches
Think not of mishaps and glitches
Longevity, lovers and health
Can coexist with material wealth
All we must do, think and believe
Visualize, affirm, stress relieve.
All these techniques work very well
Millions of books, these gurus sell
Yet none of them will show or tell
The bewitchment of this positive spell.

Positive thinking has given us power
With which we have built a tower
Imprisoned ourselves in this self-made cage
Positively bring global carnage;
Successful corporations our proof
Their profits are going through the roof
Billionaires are breaking their own score
Yet poverty is breaking the poor;
With the power of positive thinking
In height of flight we are sinking.

Both Napoleon and Vincent Peale
Gladly disclosed, techniques did reveal
But both of them, I bet would cry
To see that we have forgotten why.
Shamelessly we put their techniques to use
But to answer why, we just refuse.
Intent on running, we're getting nowhere
Which place to go, nobody will care
So long as we courageously dare,
The nothings we gain, will gladly share;
Posterity, we think we bless
We give them more, but leave them less
We glorify power and success
Reward with riches and ample press.
We are children with key to the door
Of a sweet shop, or a toy store
We open the door, and play on the floor
With every kind of toy we adore
Play with all the toys, leave them in a mess
And with childishness, we call it success.
Then we justify with the Zen story
Journey is what counts, what brings glory;
Process in life is what will teach
It matters not if goal you don't reach.

It's okay to play with all kinds of toys
Whether we're young girls or grown up boys
We have learnt how, but don't know why
So with emptiness, we try, try, try
Vacant and unfulfilled, we try for more
This lovely world we turn to a whore
When the mad marksman has nowhere to aim
Like a loose cannon, can kill or at least maim
A hungry lion with nowhere to run
Is deadlier than a controlled loaded gun
If the sun tried to glow all at once
The solar system won't stand a chance.
We too in our self-made tower
Have been blinded by positive power.
What we need is to pause for an hour
And our life's purpose, try to discover
Then at least we may stand a chance
To see through our positive thinking romance.

Positive thinking school of thought
Two instructions to us has brought
First try a positive approach
You'll find the world will be your coach;
Then you must always try to think
To the divine, your mind your link.
Positivity without substantial thought
Rudderless ship with all its sails out
Thoughtfulness without positive flow
Rudder working, winds won't blow.

To honor both Norman and Hill
Believe and act, think why, be still.
Or should I say pause, think why, and act
Then you neither will need to react
Nor make a mess, then retract.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
December 2, 1997

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