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3. My Lion


Standing on the sandy beach, gazing at the ocean,
The waves reflecting my mood through their gentle motion.
The ocean was calm, gentle waves rolling back and forth
My mind in repose, reflective, absorbing nature's worth.

A part of me noted a presence, standing to the side and back
I knew not what it was, was still, dead on its track.
I gently turned and saw a well groomed handsome Lion
Its face as a three year old, its limbs made of iron.

The Lion stood still, majestic, confident, glorious
Our eyes connected, souls merged, the Lion was I, curious
Perhaps it was my lion heart, perhaps my gift divine
Perhaps an aspect that could not be bound within a line.

I saw the Lion was strong, it was a strength of mine
And who knows, perhaps in some realm, I was the Lion.
But how can I share that with the world? Who could understand?
They'll all think me arrogant, this a ploy to demand command.

But majesty, power and glory, not one can fake
No matter how long others sleep, all will eventually wake
And majesty, power and glory, no one can hide
Like a rider upon his horse, cannot help but ride.

With one more mutual glance, we began to walk
Our communication perfect, no need to jest, nor talk.
And like a dog and master, we walked side by side
Which dog, which master, mattered not, for we in each reside.

Our deepest hopes and fondest joys, it was fate unfolding
I and Lion were both one, nor shore nor ocean withholding.
For when your Lion walks by you, you understand in full
Nor word, nor picture, sound nor sight are sufficient tool.

Then in the distance, I saw one with his dog
Perhaps that was his Lion, for prince appears as frog.
As he got closer he shifted shape, I could not tell a lie
Was he, then she, then he, stranger, familiar, I knew not why.

Perhaps this person was none other than the whole world
In my mirror of beach walk, was male, female, young, old.
But as soon as he appeared, my Lion so magnificent
Transformed into a sitting pussy cat, quiet, timid, insignificant

I wondered why this was so, why the stranger had such effect
To change my lion heart, my gift divine, into this kitten act;
Do I doubt my Lion? Or is this my humble show?
To turn my brilliant sun into such worthless glow?

And how this stranger? Is this dog a dog?
Or is this the way his royal prince is disguised as frog?
Do we hide our gifts divine? Are we afraid to show
Our majestic glorious sunlight, fearing a blinding glow?

I also noted, though we talked, his dog kept his distance
Respecting my sitting pussy cat, it offered no resistance.
For animals see much more than we, though they may not tell
They know what is gift divine, and what fear of hell.

We then parted, went our separate ways
My kitten back to Lion, one worthy of praise.
We walked on a while more, along the sandy shore
To the warming sun and cooling breeze, we exposed our core.

Like two playful cubs, without cause or reason
Wrestle, roll in the sand, in life's youngest season
The Lion above and I below, and roll and change our role
And I on top, the Lion beneath, two bodies but one soul.

With one more mutual glance, we both decide
Attack the rolling waves of water and the ocean tide
Like dogs chasing ducks and sticks, into the waves we go
Cool and wet we dip right in, we bathe in ocean flow

And out we come, soaked and drenched, trying to dry our wet
And in the sun, on a bed of sand, we descend and let
Warmth from above, patience from within, and the gentle breeze
To dry our bodies, to rest our minds, our souls to seize.

For some timeless time we sit, watching the waves roll in
We warm and dry, rest in peace, far away from sin
In glory, power and majesty, we sit one with nature
We bask in the sun, flow with the breeze, each other nurture.

The Lion and I sitting, in unison we glance
What beautiful harmony, it our way, our dance
Like two young lovers, in a trance of romance
We sense our privacy disturbed, we dare and take a chance.

We look behind amazed, astonished, in surprise
We see a crowd semi-circling us, together we rise
They astounded with my courage, the Lion majestic, powerful, fierce
The cameras flashing, the ah's and hum's, reality my senses pierce.

One more glance, we walk away, needless to say
My Lion no more a kitten, we hope they leave us, we pray
The crowd keeps a safe distance, and in amazement follow
My Lion and I enjoying our walk, the crowd's praises hollow

We walk our path in wholesome joy, the crowd in hypnotic trance
Follow, walk, run, dance, jump, emulate, model, prance
No matter who comes our way, my Lion is now a Lion
Epitomizes power, glory, innocence, joy and love of mine.

And then tired of followers, bored with mindless crowd
We look, we smile, we turn, we pause, my Lion roars aloud
The crowd understands there and then, for although mindless, they
Know where they are accepted, and whence they must sway.

They stop there in their track, immobile, fearful, silent
My Lion and I turn aside, into the forest god sent
The crowds watch in silence, as we disappear from sight
For being with my Lion is my God given right.

And we each have a Lion, our divine heavenly gift
Our Lion is our joy and love, our wisdom, life uplift
At one time or another, we shy away as though
Our brilliant light our Lion, a kitten, candle's glow

And if we are lucky, in life soon or late
We may be caught off guard, glowing at full rate
For life is to walk with Lions, and not hide them as cats
To find joy, live in glory, not hide in caves like bats.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 21, 1997

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