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4. Cosmic Dance


Meditating in a group, a vision I received
A column of seven lights in my place perceived;
Each colour sitting over the last, like the colors of a rainbow
Each representing a chakra, increasing in their glow.
In a circle we all sat, columns of light in a group
Then a thin thread of light, through us formed a hoop.
Each column of light connecting the sky to mother earth
With cosmic light each fed this hoop, growing in its girth;
One side shining silver, the other golden, bright
Going around the hoop, gold merged with silver light,
Then back to golden light, from bright silver white.
I, a colorful column, stood in the stream of light
Absorbing gold and silver, playful, in delight
While outside this circle, was darkness of the night.

The stream of gold and silver quickened in its flow
Still being fed by us, its girth continued to grow
The stream was now so big, it covered my torso
It blew like a storm of light, urging me up to go.
I felt the rush of energy uprooting me from the ground
The onslaught of gold and silver, storming all around.
On one side I was golden, the other side silver cold
As though the sun and the moon my body would thus behold
I felt dizzy in my head, by the storm unstable, even shaken,
Almost a sublime nightmare from which I'd rather awaken;
Then a voice whispered to me, quite gently in my head
"If your beam opaque remains, the storm will blow you dead.
Be transparent as a beam, for that is what light is
Then gold and silver streams will flow through you with ease."

So in my vision I was thus, my column turned transparent
A crystal clear beam of light was all that was apparent.
My head cleared, my body calmed, I then stood in the stream
The sublime nightmare in one stroke turned into a colorful dream;
My body was still surrounded by the sun and the moon on each side
Yet I no longer was at the mercy of the golden and silver tide
I was joyous, light and happy, my body had expanded
The sun and moon were still shining, but I my world commanded
The voice came back to me once more, while I was still in a trance
Firmly whispered in my head, "be transparent to the Cosmic Dance."

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 3, 1997

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