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5. Father Sun


I calmed my agitation
Went deep in meditation.
In a vision a green light
Filled my heart with delight;
From my fourth chakra the green beam
Left my body like a gentle stream
Searching for a young mother, a friend
Until it found her in the end.
She was a sphere of faint light
Gradually, slowly, getting bright
A translucent emerald green
Protected by a purple screen;
Transparent, faded away
The stream ran astray.
On the edge of that stream,
At the end of the green beam,
I stood there and looked around
Filling the whole room, I found
Her with a faint soothing green
I was inside her purple screen.
From her I learnt to expand my light
Envelope all in my delight.
I decided in my dream
To draw back my green beam;
In my body try again
From streaming out refrain,
Expand myself with light of love
Which I drew from high above
Tried hard to expand myself
Yet I remained a green elf,
Tried to grow like a balloon
Draw upon the light of the moon
No matter how hard I tried
Only to myself I lied.

It dawned upon me just then
My inner light to brighten;
Quality of my light
Luminosity is my right.
So I focused on the stream
Of the bright heavenly beam
Which went through me to the ground
And through me it shone around.
There I found myself at ease,
The right way for me this is.

To me this vision just showed
Paternal sun had thus glowed;
And nurturing mother earth
Enveloping all since birth.

Others may maternally know
Care of children as they grow;
Enveloping mother earth
Tending from birth till death.

This I found, a talent of mine
Like father sun simply shine,
Brightly glow, share my light
Without caring for its flight.
This is where I am at ease
So accept me as this, please.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 4, 1997

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