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7. Spiral


I once had a dream, strolling down a high mountain meadow
The grass covered with wild flowers, the trees had no shadow.
I came to a pond fed by a shining clear stream
Surrounded by small colorful pebbles, shiny and matt in my dream.
I stepped into the water, it was gentle, soothing, cool
Looked through the clear surface, the pebbles inside the pool
Formed a colorful spiral. In its center I stood
And with the colors of the spiral, spun around as fast as I could;
With a change of clothing during my gyration I changed
At the center of that spiral, instead of me, Superman emerged
Wearing his full uniform, draped with his flowing red cape
I felt all powerful, invincible, like man emerged from ape.

As superman in my dream, I started to fly up high
Left that clear spiral pond, flew even past the sky;
I found myself in space, orbiting the big round moon
Towards the sun I then flew, in its center I was soon.
Looking out I saw the solar system, planets orbiting the sun
In a wink of an eye I left, to the center of our galaxy gone.
There, at the center of our galaxy, I saw the spiraling Milky Way,
Looking out I saw other galaxies, spiraling in a cosmic play.

Back towards the earth I started, accelerated more and more
Faster and faster I flew, a ball of light my core,
I felt the rush of energy over and around my head
As though I was a comet, glowing bright yellow and red.
I flew so fast, as a beam of light, the next thing I could tell
I had become microscopic, I was an electronic shell;
As a small particle/beam, I orbited the atom
Now particle, now energy, I was in my new home,
And I felt this new home of mine, this shell around the atom
Bouncing up, down, to, fro, hitting other atoms, in space roam.
The shell unwound itself and as a beam flew outward
Decelerating slowly, the beam became an object hard.

I was back to Superman, flying above the atmosphere
The grand cyclone of clouds I saw, above the North Pole its rear.
Yet another spiral, a hurricane in the distance
As Superman I flew in, it offered no resistance,
Through the eye of the hurricane, into the ocean I went
Some small distance further, I out of a whirlpool, skyward was sent.

Through this adventurous journey, many an orbit and spiral;
Small and large, smooth and rough, same shape were created all.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997

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