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8. Superman


I had a dream, and in my dream, I was none but Superman
I flew up towards heavens, to a soft white cloud I ran;
I lay there to rest, a small angel with her harp
Played some heavenly lullabies, its notes were soft yet sharp.
Lying there amidst the soft clouds, I went to a deep sleep
I dreamt a world of supermen, over mountains all could leap;
Yet I was the only superman among this powerful crowd
Who could transform himself into a Man, earth bound, proud.
I saw myself landing on earth, spinning, shedding my clothes and cape
While others watching from high above, to a Man I changed my shape;
And I saw myself in that dream, walking to a canvass with paint
I became Michelangelo, painting the portrait of a saint.
I saw in me da Vinci, Beethoven, Bach and Mozart
A talented painter, musician, a genius creating art;
In amazement from far above, all the supermen just watched
To them I was King Midas, transforming everything I touched;
I was the only one among them who could enjoy inspiration
Create beauty, stay calm, walk in silent meditation.

As the Man I went to sleep, and had a dream in my dream of dream
I was a playful toddler, playing with an elf by a stream.
As toddler I was playful, creative and innocent
The elf was my hero, a wise magician, and decent.
On the other side of the stream, I saw a man and superman
Both were serious and powerful, achieving all they can.
And in that dream I then saw the toddler merged with elf
Playful innocence and heroic wisdom merged to form one self;
The man and superman merged into one, on the other side of the stream
The destiny of humanity, all sovereign power they seem.
And then I saw the child/elf, with one leap crossed the stream,
And merged with man/superman, brightly exploding in my dream.
It felt like the first moment of creation, it was the "Big Bang"
With an all powerful music, the universal chorus sang.

And thus with this Big Bang, the Man woke up from his dream
Understood what it meant, looked upon the "All" with esteem.
And thus the first Superman, awoke from his dream on cloud
Understood with beaming eyes, while the angel's harp grew loud.
And then I awoke from my dream, in which there was a dream of dream
Where I saw man, superman, elf and toddler merge by a clear stream
All of which were aspects of the "ideal man"
To merge them all in one is God's challenge if God can;
And when they are all merged as one,
"Creation" is once again begun.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997

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