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9. Cosmic Reflector


In a vision, with a breath, I projected myself outward
Like Genie leaving his lamp, I left my shell, my only guard.
My consciousness merged with the ether, a molecule of air;
I found myself in Himalayas, surfing the mountains there,
Next I found myself heading east over Japan
Far above the beasts and birds, outside the reach of man.
Then I turned southward, to the Australian desert
Descended right down to earth, next to dust and dirt;
A passing snake took a breath, and thus me inhale
Inside his body I became his inner skin, near his tail,
And as the snake slithered along its crooked trail
I, the skin, could feel the path, now hard, now sharp, now frail.
Soon I felt an emptiness, my other side was free
The snake had shed his skin, into the tunnel I flee.
Inside this deep and dark tunnel, I moved towards the light
I emerged in Italian Alps, on a highway, what a sight!
And while the highway was turning, I went straight into the air
Hovering above a deep valley, was flying without care
Then a slow hang glider smoothly passed me by
And I was then in a glider, going up into the sky.
Up and up to the sky I went, until my glider stalled
Everything around me was still, to me the silent called.
An instant later my glider, stalling, flying down
A winding mountainous highway, I'm driving with a frown.
I pull aside and stop and look, the orange setting sun
The ocean is shining red and gold, I and air are one.
Flying over the ocean, a rain drop picks me up
I fall into the ocean, I submerge, there's no stop.
A small fish breathes me in, and I become the fish
A larger fish hunts me down, who in turn does perish;
The whale who ate the last fish is now my mortal host
Inside the whale's stomach, I travel like a ghost.
I see a vision, a strange dream, nay it is cartoon
Pinocchio inside the whale, starts a fire, soon
I as the air, go join the wood, and burn up with a glow
And as smoke from the whale's head, I fly away and go
Up to the skies and over land, caught by a giant redwood
Absorbed and stored inside its bark, this my new cage could
Encage me there for eons time, and I feel it is so
I see the passing of seasons, too many till I go;
Then a fire in the woods burns the tree, and me, the air, release
I fly high up, in stratosphere remain, I float with ease in peace.
I hang and hover, and free recover from my long encagement
Until I find my peace of mind in my new engagement.
While floating there, I look above, the dark and endless space
The shining stars, twinkling bright, while some pick up their pace
And in daylight, I look up towards the sun, and see the heavenly torch
As Rumi said, this life giving orb, if slightly nears, in one stroke the earth scorch.
I then become a glowing particle, contributing to aurora
A cosmic show of Northern Lights, that heavenly flora;
And within one more instant, a cosmic beam I glide
Back into my own body, in my first abode reside.

A cosmic light inside my shell, upon my trip reflect
Review my journey as cosmic tourist, the major points select:
Flying high into the sky, a traveller upon this earth
Descending low, the earth below, for dust gave me birth
Transmutation of a snake, letting the old skin go
The light at the end of the tunnel, of birth and death I know;
Gliding high into the sky, floating with perfect ease
Silence I know, instantaneous stillness brings peace;
To winding road pay attention, for that is my duty
Stop and pause for the sunset, appreciate beauty.
One moment up, the next rain down, in ocean I will drown
The cycle of life, the fish eat fish, I a jewel in its crown;
In the belly of the whale, the ancient myth, that old tale
Burn with a glow and just trust, the whale smoke will exhale.
Cycles of life can be short as fish devour fish
Else are long like redwood, freedom for long wish,
But even the ageless redwood, one day will have to die
Finally burn to its grave, release me to the sky.
Even the stars at night glow, burning fierce and bright
And the high noon shall see the sun's glorious light.
Nature is just perfect in all of its order
The obedient sun always remains within its border
Else the glowing sun shall be infernal
Burning mother earth in times vernal.
And the particles hanging high in the air
Simply reflect the cosmic light with flare
And the light in me, my only human factor
Is nothing more than a cosmic reflector.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997

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