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Poems - Soul Journey - Group 7
i. An Autobiography


When I grew
Time just flew
But who knew
What I would do.

A fireman
When I began
An astronaut
Without a doubt

My father's part
Bless his heart
A doctor be
The world will see

Do you hear?
This is my choice
Loud is my voice.

Now move on
Work begun.

Oh so technical
Sure this is my call
But life only knew
What I would do.

Ever, ever
Employed worker
Never, never

One business
Then another
Is happiness
Through bother?

Sometimes up
Sometimes down
Should I give up?
Be on my own?

Eight years of this
Help me please
Success comes and goes
Nobody knows.

Big contract
It's time to act
Quit while on top
Or dead you'll stop.

Life's next venture
Great adventure
Forty days on the road
Without care, without load

Oh what a freedom
My horse not a kingdom
Life began anew
I was included too.

Then a vision came to me
Naming the thing I would be
Ten days later another too
My destiny now I knew

Back to work
Out of dark
I kept going
Into the park

Even in the city
People that I met
Nature dry and wet

Ah life had a pulse
For it felt like a waltz
But only if I knew
Where life'd take me to

Dryness setting in
Should this end, what begin
But life had other plans
Not a glimpse nor a glance.

Lost again in a fog
Earth beneath was a bog
Resources draining
Nothing else remaining

But I continue
For deep down I knew
The journey unfolding
I let go of holding

Kiss the joy and let it fly
This is the law from on high
Feel the sorrow let it go
Otherwise it will grow

Have no fear
Do you hear?
Only God knows
In this sphere.

Faith unbending
Mission tending
Joy is all
Else we fall

Follow a dream
In life's stream
Joyously beam
Else scream.

Life unfolding
What it's holding
Not yet there
Joy and care

What you believe
You must live
Else you give
Life and grieve

But to feel
Sure does heal
Pain and past
Never last.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 9, 1997

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