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Poems - Soul Journey - Group 7
ii. Vision of Flow


I remember
Mid December
Soul reigning
Freedom gaining
On the road
Brave the cold
Calm and cool
No schedule
Destination none
Limitation gone
On the height
Awesome sight
Destined location
For observation
Natural hook
Stop and look
Nature musical
The air magical
Clouds spraying
I stood praying
Sun beams breaking through
Their arms fleeting, flew
Ocean far below
The winds gently blow
Behind, mountains high
Grand, silent lie
Tall ancient trees
Guarding the seas
Novice's attention
Master's inspiration
I stood there in awe
Mesmerized somehow.

Then for a timeless time
Musical nature did rhyme
Everything made sense
I dropped my defense
My guards I brought down
Nature gave me a crown
Meter or hour
Neither had power
Infinite, eternal
Strong, maternal
Felt the motion
Of the ocean
Wet breeze
From the seas
Sun's shining
Wind's dining
Winds blowing
Waves growing
Waves beating
Shore's greeting
Waters rising
Clouds sizing
Clouds spraying
Trees praying
Brooks flowing
Rivers growing
Rivers eroding
Shores foreboding
Was perfection
God's affection
I knew then
Eagle and wren
I knew life
Nurture and strife
All made sense
Light and dense
Now I know
All must flow.

Waves and seas
Clouds and breeze
Bright sun beams
Mountain streams
Rivers and rocks
Time and clocks
Wisdom and love
Beautiful dove
Hurt and laughter
What we're after
Life only goes
If it flows
Even man made
Money and trade
All must flow
Fast and slow
Each other feed
One other's seed
Nature's mesh
Lively, fresh
One insistent
One resistant
All must flow
Change and grow
Young, then old
Hot, then cold
All must die
Else deny
Natural law
Pure, no flaw.

There I stood
Arms outstretched
Memory etched
Vision burning
Time returning
Tears flowing
Smile glowing
There I cried
Laughed untried
So revealing
What a feeling
Soul engaged
Forever changed
I, transformed
New vision formed
Deep meaning
Head teeming
Sense sensing
Eyes beaming
Heart beating
Life greeting
Now I know
All must flow.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 11, 1997

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