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Poems - Soul Journey - Group 7
v. A Love Story


A lonely moth towards the light made his flight
In his love for the candle faced his plight
Flying to the fire would bravely display
His love for the candle in his own way
Hovering around the flame in love's name
He played a risky game no one to blame
Noticing candle's tears he just had to ask
I am the one in love, why this tearful mask?
Don't you see I am the one burning his wings
Yet for love, to his life, no moth clings
You don't need to shed tears for my life
In this love, my only hope is my strife.

The candle steadily burnt with constant flame
Amazed at the ignorant moth's lack of shame
Since the day my sweetheart left my wax
Separated and apart, I can't relax
This flame that you see upon my head
Is the fire that my love's light may spread
To the whole world. My honey perhaps by chance
May see my longing, in a distant glance.

You may fly, hover, even singe your wing
I will stand on fire, bearing its sting
Love is not to frit and fret and display
Love is to quietly burn night and day
Love is not to burn a wing and then fall
Love is to be on fire standing tall.
You may burn your wing, yet you'll never know
What it means to burn from your head to toe
Fault me not if I shed a tear or two
It is for my sweetheart not the likes of you.

At this point the gathering stirred about
The hostess, with a blow, put the candle out
The smoke rose from the blackened wick
Spreading its odor throughout, quick
The candle with a quiet sigh simply said
Though my light is out, my love is not dead
This smoke that is coming from my head
Is aroma of my love that I spread
Then I just will sit here, patiently wait
For the next night's gathering, and my fate
This may give me a chance with the flame's dance
To shine my light for a glance, my dream romance
I'll continue this till the end of my time
Spread my love to every land and clime
Either with my beloved become one
Or spread so far and wide till I'm gone.

This was candle and moth's love story
A tale of bravery and quiet glory
True love is not for the strong and the brave
True love is lasting, testing to the grave
In your life if it is love that you must taste
Patiently, quietly burn, make no haste
If it's the ocean of love you must sail
Be willing to navigate and then fail
Because love has no size and no form
Be willing to lose your ship in the storm.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
December 26, 2001


Inspired by a Poem from the great Persian Poet, Saadi, entitled "the dialogue of Candle and Moth", from Boostan-e Saadi, Chapter 3 (On Love and Intoxication and Joy)


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