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Poems - Consciousness - Group 1


  1. Clean Waters
  2. Apparition
  3. Grains of Sand
  4. Rocks and Pebbles
  5. Spiritual Roach


Clean Waters

Some days along the beach, the wavy water is clean
As though looking through a transparent glass screen
Other days, the same water, dirty brown or murky green.
Some times my mind is clear, sharp and lean
Other times emotions run rampant and mean.

Appearance in motion, temporal scene;
The essence remains what it's always been.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 22 , 1997


I once met an apparition, a ghost
Knowing my innermost secrets would boast
Of my deepest desires, darkest deeds
Of my cruelest curses, natural needs
This omniscient apparition, divine
Introducing himself always decline
As if haunted by an overseer
Invisible, yet always so near
I faced my every thought, every fear
So this ghost to me would appear
Until one day in a state of trance
Saw this apparition in one clear glance
At last I learnt how everything it’d know
This ghost was none other than my shadow.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
May 13, 1998

Grains of Sand

I picked a few grains of sand
For inspection, put them in my hand;
Different shades and shapes though unplanned
Randomly formed an orchestral band
As though there was an invisible hand
Conducting them from his stand.
Whether it was planned or unplanned
I do not know, nor understand.
In any case the grains of sand
Obey the same law, same command,
Without question, without demand,
And without fear of reprimand.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 12, 1997

Rocks and Pebbles

From the river bed, I picked some pebbles
Formerly rocks, turned mutinous rebels
Now they just lay there, motionless and dead
Their last resting place is the river bed.

Further down river was a sandy shore
Grains of sand covered the river floor
Rocks and pebbles against the river's trend
All became sand by the rivers end.

All former rocks opposing the flow
Misjudged the power of the rain and snow
Force of the river made them tumble
Now they just lay there accepting, humble.

If we too ignore the power of our source
Constantly oppose our life's river's course
Tumble, fall and move, until we are dead
Humble and still lie in our Final Bed.

But if like fish with the river flow
The course of the river we get to know
We can swim with ease to the river's motion
Until in the end, we reach the ocean

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 14 , 1997

Spiritual Roach

By a dumpster in an alleyway
I heard a gleeful cockroach say
"O how much to God I pray
Humankind go on as they may
Both in their work and their play
Everywhere their poisons spray
And different species slay
Dump their sewers into every bay
Turn the blue skies to dark gray
Until one day, playful and gay
With their own fragile lives pay;
And when everywhere in waste shall lay
Roaches roaming free over rock and clay."

I heard a passing elder roach
Taking a different approach
Hoping mankind no more encroach
Stop being beyond reproach.

The old spiritual cockroach said
"Solution is not having mankind dead
Bringing the way of restraint instead
Puts all of us much further ahead
Everyone will have food and bread
Their thirst and hunger amply be fed
Instead of gray, blue green and red
Over all the earth shall gladly spread.

No need to choose between roach and man
A much better world both of them can plan."

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
January 5, 1998

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