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May, 2002

Creative Intelligence

More often than not, we envy the few who are endowed with tremendous creativity. They seem to have the gift of approaching everything in a creative way. Give anything or any situation to these individuals, and with their Midas touch, they turn it into something rewarding and precious.

Habitually we think of Creative Intelligence as a possession of the chosen few - something that is way beyond ourselves. But what really is this faculty? Why are some people so creative and others, well... not so?

If the same Divine Intelligence created us all, and if there is any fairness and consistency in the works of Creation, then we must all be made from the same blueprint - while allowing for minor variations.

What's more, if the various spiritual traditions are fundamentally correct, then we must all be a part of the same creative principle that created us. As such, we must all be endowed with the faculty of Intelligence, and we must all possess the ability to be creative.

With these two assumptions, we can simply conclude that we are all in possession of Creative Intelligence. Then why is it that so few of us use it, while the majority simply obey the dictates of our circumstances, and succumb to our inertia?

Perhaps creativity is not a gift, but an attitude. Perhaps the difference between those who use it and those who don't is exactly that. Use and application of the innate gift that we are all recipients of.

But creativity is much simpler than that. It is not an attitude. It is a perspective. The creative ones approach life as a series of possibilities following each other. Whereas the rest of us look at life as events and circumstances and energies that need to be exerted, opposed, directed and managed.

The uncreative find their vitality is being sapped and drained, whereas the creative find themselves in flow.

Creativity is something as simple as going to the fridge, finding nothing there, and still coming up with a delicious dinner. A different kind of dinner than we are accustomed to, perhaps, but still a delicious one.

Creativity is going to the party, finding nobody there, and still having a great time. A different kind of activity and engagement and time perhaps, nevertheless, an enjoyable one.

And Creativity is also going head on to face the major scientific, artistic, political, or other challenges of the world, and being able to come up with a way to transcend them.

Yes... creativity is a perspective. It is the willingness to look into the emptiness while being able to identify what is possible.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
May 2002

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