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June, 2002


A few days ago, I was talking to someone, while standing in a room with its door open. Suddenly a sparrow flew in and sat in a corner. Before we had the opportunity to open a window, the little bird took off at top speed and headed for the light.

Except that the little sparrow did not know that there was a glass window between him and the blue skies outside. At top speed, it flew into the window and bounced off and fell on the floor.

I rushed to pick it up and take it outside, only to find that it was convulsing on the floor and spitting a few tiny drops of blood. I picked it up in my hands and took it outside, hoping that it would fly again. But as soon as I was outside, I noticed the sparrow was gasping its last breaths, and within moments departed our world.

I felt sadness and compassion for this fragile little bird, which in one moment was heading for the light outside, and the next, was heading for the eternal light.

It reminded me of my near fatal accident, four years back, almost to the day. The car I was driving in was completely destroyed, but I was lucky enough to get out of that accident with minor injuries. It was as if a hidden hand was holding on to my fragile body, while the car was breaking apart.

It is amazing that life gives us so many reminders of our fragile nature and our mortality, yet we live everyday as if we are going to be here forever.

One moment we are flying into a room, and the next moment we are gone. One moment we are driving along a highway, and the next moment the world around us falls apart.

Wouldn't life be better if we lived every moment with the appreciation of its fragile nature? If we could attend to life and the ones in our lives with care, compassion and love? If we could treat everything around us as precious gifts of life that need gentleness when handled?

Each of these reminders provide us with the perfect opportunity to re-focus on what is really important in our lives, and what do we truly value.

That sparrow left our world, but left me a precious gift... a gentle reminder of life's fragile nature.

Thank you blessed spirit...

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, CA
June 2002

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