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Do  be  do  be  do  ......

Assuming the universe is Unlimited, Abundant, and Benevolent, the following are the only logical conclusions that may be reached:

Regardless of whether the universe is self-organizing or not, no matter whether God is the mind of the universe or its detached creator, being is the correct response and the highest state of consciousness.

Without any necessity to think and work hard to create, without any need to go out of our way to exert energy to bring about results, we can simply tune in. Discover what the universe is asking us to concentrate on. Listen to and feel the inner impulses, understand our inner desires. Then simply follow those impulses, intuitions, and natural directions.

If the universe is benevolent, it would not desire anything but our best happiness. It would have given us the means of understanding our best good. It would have created a path of least waste, a graceful path to our highest good. And the universe has.

At our highest level of consciousness, we simply need to be. To listen to our inner selves, and to follow the directions that we are given by the universe through our inner receiver. And then simply act or do accordingly. More often than not the graceful path will simply appear. All we need to do is to be aware and open to its guidance and follow the path.

If the universe is abundant, then it provides us with abundance, since a benevolent universe wishes its highest for everyone. The universe will simply put us on a path of natural growth into abundance. With this assumption, our natural state of being is to enjoy the abundance of the universe. And all we need to do is to be, and follow the guidance of the universe, without fear, and with complete trust.

And finally if the universe is unlimited, it would not only provide us with the abundance of what there is, but also with what there could be. Since it is unlimited, what there could be is anything that can be conceived of. So all we need to do is to be, to open up to our inner guidance, to understand our true desires, regardless of whether they exist in material form or not, and to follow the path that is presented to us by the universe.

Would a benevolent, abundant and unlimited universe wish us anything else? Would it ask us for exertion of unnecessary energy? Would it drive us down the path of un-beauty, disgrace, and waste?

This is what the masters and sages of the past meant by asking us to devote our lives to the service of the almighty, and know that our every wish and desire will be provided for, before we can even think of them, and more.......

Shahriar Shahriari
February 1996
Vancouver Canada

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