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The 3 Dimensions of Consciousness

Just as in the physical world so far we have perceived four dimensions, three spatial and one of time, in the spiritual realm, or the realm of consciousness we can also perceive three dimensions. Naturally there may be more in either worlds yet to be perceived and discovered.

The 3 dimensions in the plane of consciousness are Thought, Faith, and Love.

Thought is the dimension of creativity. This is what creates physical and non-physical things. Things such as objects, buildings, software, stories, visions etc.

While Thought is the `what' of creation, Faith is the `how' of creation. The quality of Faith differs from that of Thought. Faith is the absolute knowing of possibilities. While Thought determines what mountains to move, Faith is what moves mountains. Nothing may be created without the trust, belief and Faith that it can be created, be it material or immaterial.

And finally comes Love. Love is the quality of creation. Whereas Thought is the blueprint of creation, and Faith is the mechanism of creation, Love is the grace, the essence or the quality of creation. Love determines the closeness of the creation to perfection.

To use another analogy, Thought determines what is to be written, Faith is the pen with which it is written, and Love is the handwriting. Or Thought is the content, Faith is the clarity and contrast of the ink and paper, and Love is the gracefulness and beauty of the writing.

These are the three orthogonal axes of the spiritual world, the dimensions of consciousness.

Shahriar Shahriari
February 1996
Vancouver Canada

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