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Poems - Soul Journey - Group 7
iii. Pregnant


Through the act of making love
Ecstasy from heavens above
The egg, sperm impregnates
And a new life generates.
The ordeal of pregnancy
With a peculiar urgency
Begins with joyous ecstasy
Like a dream, a fantasy.
Then sets in morning sickness
Mother's weakness, test of meekness;
A short or a long time later,
For some strong, others fainter,
Morning sickness is displaced
By tranquility replaced.
Yet the foetus grows bigger
Other tests in the ordeal trigger;
Moving, kicking, stretching its arms
Mother's sleep invariably harms;
Weighty foetus mother carries
Wondering why anyone marries,
Cursing whoever on this earth
That encouraged her give birth,
Looking down at her large girth
Reality destroys her mirth.
Heavenly burden she must carry
Encouraging it to hurry.
Finally that blessed moment
Start of the end of her torment;
Her water breaks, signaling the start
Of the next ordeal, her next part,
And for a few hours or days
She curses the world, to god prays
To take away this "thing" inside her
Stop the pain right then and there.
Who's responsible? Where is that man?
She'll gladly strangle him if she can!
Moments stretch into hours
Eternity above her towers
The magnitude of her pain
Incomprehensible to her brain;
She promises, "never again,
I must have been insane!"
Finally the baby is born
Mother's soul and body worn.
Oh what joy and what relief
The lightness beyond belief;
Burden alight, ordeal over
For a few moments she walks on air.
Behold her baby, bundle of joy
This new feeling her memory destroy.
Labor of love began this all
Thinking her ordeal would be small,
Her challenge was taller than tall
She had to go through the wall.
Yet in the end when duty calls
She gets through in spite of her falls.
At last behold joy eternal
Herculean strength maternal.
Her next ordeal, baby's care,
With you another time will share.

When we behold vision of Love
Ecstasy from heavens above
Impregnate our spirit with joy
Conventional ways destroy.
But when we start upon Love's path
The path unfolds many a wrath;
Heavenly pursuit is an ordeal
Testing our ship's bow and keel.
Perseverance upon the path
Will overcome many a wrath,
To sickness responding with meekness
Is true strength, far from weakness
Love's heavy burden we must carry
Gladly bear as we tarry.
There comes a point when we pray
Out of this ordeal find our way
To abort the path is not an option
It is fear's volcanic eruption;
So we pray, and we pray
That very soon our ordeal may
Conclude, finish, come to an end
Our broken bodies will start to mend;
Towards the end, before release
We find ourselves furthest from ease;
And in the end, upon release
Experience eternal peace,
At last behold joy eternal
All the seasons become vernal.
Vision of Love for which we wished
Through our ordeal accomplished,
In the process egos perished
And a deeper ordeal unleashed;
But that is another story
To live and work for God's glory.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 12, 1997

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