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Personal Mission Statement

I RECOGNIZE THE UNIVERSE as an orderly, harmonious and benevolent unity, which is boundless, timeless, and with infinite potentiality, and of which I am an integral yet unique part.

My Mission is to Live with Integrity and in harmony with the universal law of Flux, to the utmost of my Power, ever striving to increase the Positive Creative Energies coming To me and going Through me.


To fulfill this mission:

I SHALL Learn diligently, with a completely open mind and heart;

I SHALL Teach with complete faith and sincerity, and without attachment to any preconceived notions of a desired outcome;

I SHALL Think with concentration of my intellect and conscience, utilizing my utmost wisdom;

I SHALL Love passionately and patiently without any expectation of reciprocation;

I SHALL Do joyfully, energetically and with care and devotion to the deed;

I SHALL Respect the divinity of individuals, recognizing the uniqueness and the infinite potentiality in each and every one of them;

I SHALL Respect myself for having the faith and courage to try to fulfill my mission and destiny, in spite of my imperfections and mistakes;

Throughout all my hours and years, I SHALL try to strike a wholesome Balance through the use of my best wisdom, and I SHALL attempt to maintain and improve the four aspects of my life: Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually, and Spiritually;

And above all, I SHALL attempt to maintain my Integrity Supreme in my Life.


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