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Shahriar was born into a Zoroastrian family, and for over two decades of his life had no interest in any spiritual philosophy. Then as he puts it: "life had different plans for me and brought me into the necessary circumstances to become interested in the bigger questions of life."

He first started by learning about the Zoroastrian philosophy, which then led him to study and learn about the Human Potential Movement, psychology, mythology, modern sciences such as quantum physics and systems theory, other major world religions, sufism as well as mysticism.

He has had many varying spiritual experiences including meditation, numinous dreams, firewalking, native Indian spiritual practices (such as the medicine wheel, and sweat lodges), energy work, archetypal visions, and what he calls "a semi-mystical experience of how the universe works and how it all makes sense."

Unlike many of the mystical approaches of the world, he believes that "the objective of life is not to die to it and attain a constant and continuous nirvana, but to live as fully as we can, feel our lives, and experiences it with all of our being, which requires us to be fully present in the moment and focused on the task at hand. Participation, not separation, is the key to life."

In late 1995, along his spiritual journey, and experiencing the sudden and unexpected death of his father, he embarked on writing his first book, Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra, which summarized his spiritual beliefs at that time, through the spiritual teachings of Zarathushtra. In early 1998 he completed the manuscript of "The Void", which is "the outpouring of my soul". The Void was circulated among a small number of people and is currently unavailable.

He believes that the world faces "a crisis of perception." That if we simply broaden our perceptions, then every problem in the world will simply dissolve away. And he feels that the coming together of science, arts and spirituality will result in a holistic outlook and will lead us out of our crisis of perception.

"The core root of the problems of the world, be it macroscopic such as war and famine, or microscopic such as domestic violence or greed, lies in our stubbornness to stick to our Creation Myths. As soon as we allow alternative creation mythologies to permeate our consciousness, we will have broadened our perception, and will begin to create a new world."

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