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In 1985, Shahriar obtained his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Southampton University in England,   followed by a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

He then embarked on his technical entrepreneurial career path, both as an engineer, and as a manager/partner in the various businesses that he was involved in until 1994. This part of his life has given him experience in a wide variety of fields ranging from R&D to import/export, to manufacturing, HRD, administrative/accounting/legal, and a wide variety of other experiences.

In October of 1994 he decided to make a leap of faith in his life and put behind this phase of his career completely, even though he did not have any specific career objectives to move towards. He spent some time on himself, and in December of 1994 he took a 40 day trip along the West coast of the US and Canada, which was a definite turning point for him.

In April 1995 he founded Transformations Unlimited, and until 1999 he had been devoting his professional life to Corporate & Personal transformation. He is an inspiring speaker and seminar leader, believing that people understand and learn more through doing. Consequently chose a highly participative style for his seminars and workshops. He has spoken in a number of cities throughout the US and Canada, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, as well as in Karachi, Pakistan.

He is the author of Thus Spake the Real Zarathushtra, which is a book about the simple and profound spiritual teachings of Zarathushtra (the Eastern mystic and prophet), the booklet 1+1=3, which proposes creativity as the way of our future not competition. He completed his next book, The Void, which he calls a synthesis of the material and spiritual world, and an outpouring of his soul, in 1998.  His third published book is entitled The Z Factor, which is a modern parable of the quest of a young man seeking a better life, and his encounters with an elder, wise teacher. 

He has also written a number of articles in local and national magazines and newsletters, has been a guest on a number of talk-shows; as well as spoken in various churches ranging from the Science of Mind and Church of Religious Science to the Unitarian Church.

In 1999, life brought him to Los Angeles, where he is currently working as a Database developer and consultant.

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