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Shahriar was born as the first child of his family in 1963, and was followed by his sister a year later.

He has lived in three continents, and has traveled in over 20 countries of the world. He speaks two languages fluently and two others partially.

Throughout his life and travels he has experienced a variety of life styles, including a very primitive way without electricity or running water, as well as the highly advanced standard of living of North America. He has also encountered many different types of people, from a variety of economic backgrounds and cultures. He values these experiences very much, calling some of them "extremely unique and unrepeatable".

The sudden passing of his father in 1995 left a profound and deeply personal effect on his outlook on life, shifting his focus towards what is really important in every moment of every day.

He is a very caring and spiritual individual, believing that our path in life is guided by a Higher Wisdom, if we choose to follow that guidance. That our lives are a constantly unfolding process, and our full participation in this journey is our primary spiritual objective.

He enjoys reading, telling stories, nature and natural wonders, traveling, photography, composing poetry and writing. He has a very unique outlook on many aspects of life, and enjoys challenging current paradigms. His work is his passion, and hopes that everybody would live their passion.

He loves his 9 year old nephew, Sam, and 4 year old niece, Niki,  who "put me in touch with the innocence of childhood, and how few rules exist at that time in life".

In October of 2000, he married Mahboobeh (whose name means "the desired one" or "the beloved"). In July 2002 their son, Soroush (whose name means "the inner voice" or "the voice of conscience") was born. And they currently reside in Los Angeles.

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